What a week. 

I think that we all know to expect some challenging experiences each election cycle, but this year kind of takes the cake.

I’ve found that disengaging from the news—both reading and watching — is a key strategy to keep my stress level under control. I give myself bonus points for not engaging with social media as well.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, it turns out that “doomsurfing” (on your computer) and/or “doomscrolling” (on your mobile device) is actually proven to be bad for your mental health.

This week, I’m sharing some ideas for what I’m doing instead of engaging with all the news and media surrounding the election cycle.

  1. Reading a fiction book. I’m currently working my way through another Elizabeth George mystery novel. (Come find me on Goodreads!)
  2. Listening to podcasts. Family Secrets has been a favorite for me lately, but I also love Read or Dead, Literary Disco, and Happier.
  3. Cooking. My go-to recipes lately are soups, salads, and tofu scrambles.
  4. Watching a fun/entertaining video on YouTube. Lately, I’m addicted to the cleaning videos on this channel.
  5. Listening to music. Of course there’s always holiday music this time of year, but anything instrumental usually helps me relax. And, of course, spa music is a favorite.
  6. Doing yoga. Here’s a great sequence to help you feel your best.
  7. Watching Netflix. We’ve been completely sucked into The Chef Show.
  8. Drinking tea. This flavor is my latest favorite.

What positive distractions are you focusing on this week?