Blend by Design is your comprehensive guide to creating and teaching a blended course.

In Blend by Design, you’ll receive guidance on writing course goals and learning objectives, designing engaging learning activities, creating effective assessments, mapping your course to ensure alignment across all elements, and creating a supportive and welcoming space for your students, all specific to the blended course environment.


SoTL by Design is your comprehensive guide to creating and implementing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project. 

In SoTL by Design, learn more about the IRB process, choosing a research question, exploring SoTL research designs, mapping evidence, creating a data analysis plan, crafting a project timeline, and strategizing about the dissemination of SoTL project results.


The Introduction to Academic Writing and Publishing course includes video lectures, templates, worksheets, and resources on the following topics:

  • Juggling Multiple Writing Projects
  • Organizing an Edited Collection 
  • Promoting an Academic Book
  • Interacting with Journal Editors
  • Setting & Accomplishing Writing Goals 
  • Writing a Book Proposal
  • Being a Productive Writer
  • Creating & Maintaining Your Publishing Pipeline
  • Designing a Five-Year Publishing Plan