Last week, I had the brilliant idea of turning my Pandora radio station at work to a “spa music” channel.

I had been listening to classical holiday music all of December and I was looking for a classical-like music replacement since I found it so enjoyable.

Enter, the spa music.

Not sure what “spa music” is? This is what’s played when you go to get a massage, facial, or other service at a spa. Usually it involves gentle nature sounds like water or waves, wind instruments, and other relaxation-inducing music.

In other words, it’s that music that we all need more of in our lives.

Spa music is the perfect background music because it’s not distracting and it’s completely relaxing. When people come to my office for meetings, they request I leave the music on because it’s so pleasant.

When I lived in Boston a few years ago, I gifted myself monthly massages at a local spa and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I was running a lot at the time and it helped me to unwind and make sure I wasn’t getting injured. It also forced me to schedule in some time for myself when I was working in a very service-based job that involved lots of caring for other people.

Once I turned on the spa music last week, it brought it all back.

So, I booked a massage.

I haven’t had a massage for almost three years. Crazy, I know.

With the amount of writing and sitting that I do, I probably need to go back to my old monthly schedule — hey, I’m even running again. For now, however, just getting one massage reminded me of how important it is to just slow down and take care of myself.

I booked the massage on a Monday holiday since the local place I wanted is only open during business hours. Then, I looked forward to the appointment with what can only be described as glee.

If you have never had a massage, one of the best parts is deciding where you want the masseuse to focus their efforts. For me, it was an easy call: my back, neck and shoulders.

$80 later, I was happy and relaxed.

(Not ready to, or can’t, shell out money right now? That’s what the free spa music station is for!)

Now, I understand that massages might not be the relaxing experience for everyone else that they are for me. I get it.

The point is, what can you do to give yourself a little self-care? Take yourself to dinner? Take a walk? Get a facial (perfect for the winter months, and for all genders…)? Schedule a haircut? Read a novel? Go to a movie?

How can you carve out some time in your schedule that is just focused on you? (And, preferably, on a regular basis?)

Believe me, it’s completely worth it.

I’ve already got a haircut booked for this weekend…

To think on:

  • What’s on your self-care schedule this month?
  • What’s your biggest obstacle for scheduling self-care?