In the midst of busy days at work, I’m focusing on all the things that are bringing me joy lately. 

Here’s my quick list of things I’m loving this spring:

  • Walking meetings. Whenever I have an in-person meeting with just one another person (which is, unfortunately, kind of rare), I’m suggesting that we take a walk. This has added so much joy (and more movement) into my days since I’m loving the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Bones, the television show. After quite the television hiatus (I needed the time to read my 22 books each month!), I’m back to watching Bones episodes with my partner a couple of nights a week. Nothing helps you to appreciate good television like taking a break from it for a while.
  • Berries of all kinds. Now that we’re into the spring and summer season, we’re ordering lots of berries in our grocery pick-ups and deliveries. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are all currently a part of my regular daily meals and they are wonderful.
  • Romance novels. Bookstagram loves their romance novels, so I’m getting lots of great recommendations from social media. Since they are all so popular, I just add them to my hold list at the library and then pick them up once they come in. Every week I get a nice surprise!
  • Eating outside. With the warmer weather, I’m loving eating outside when we grab some takeout from a local restaurant. I’m all about the fresh air lately after spending long days in front of my computer.
  • Sleeping in. After many months of a 4:30am wake-up time, I’ve eased off to ensure I’m getting extra rest. I kind of miss my longer morning routine, but in this season of life and work, I’m enjoying the rest even more. Early nights are also helping me to build in extra sleep.

What are you loving in this season of life?