I’m in a busy season right now. 

Recently, I picked up a new (big) project at work and it means later nights in the office, less margin in my schedule, and an uptick in my baseline stress level.

And I’m not going to lie… I’m doing a little comfort shopping in the midst of all the busy.

Here are my seven most recent purchases and why I decided to pick them up:

This multi-pocket handbag. Instagram got me through an ad on this one. It’s hard for me to pass up a bag with lots of pockets that could replace my current house basket.

This weekly pill organizer. When things get busy, it’s super easy for me to fall off routines. This purchase is helping me stay on top of my meds and my vitamins that I take each morning and evening.

This deck of cards. I love Debbie Millman. She has a great podcast, some beautiful books, and is also famous for her work with brands and marketing. When she created this deck of cards for making a ten-year plan, I couldn’t resist.

This book on thriving in change. I recently ran across April Rinne’s work on flux and I couldn’t resist picking up her book. There’s a chapter on creating a career portfolio that I’m really looking forward to reading.

This ring. I recently misplaced the first version of this spinner ring that I bought, so I picked up another one. I’ve found that spinner rings are a great way to fidget without drawing attention to myself since I can tend to get restless in meetings.

This holiday-themed romance novel. I saw this book listed among someone’s favorite holiday-themed books in a social media post and I couldn’t resist since it was on sale. I’m definitely planning to read some holiday-themed books in December.

This pair of dark wash jeans. Now that the winter season is here, I needed a pair of dark wash jeans that I could wear to work for casual Fridays. This pair happened to be on sale and was an easy choice.

What recent purchase has been a bright spot for you lately?