Recently, I learned about the concept of a “house basket” and was instantly charmed.

Brandi Kincaid on Instagram shared about her house basket, or a container for different items that you carry around your house and want to have on hand.

I immediately set about making one for myself. 

I already had a basket I could use (similar to this one) and here’s what I put inside:

  • my powersheets planner
  • my five-year journal (I’ve used this one since January 2020)
  • my daily journal (I use this small notebook to write three pages each morning)
  • the next book I want to read (this one is next on my list from a recent library haul)
  • my iPad mini (I read a lot of ebooks on this so like to always have it near)
  • a bottle of lotion & a small tub of Vaseline (the dryness of Denver is real!)
  • my air pods
  • a container of water
  • a few extra pens and a highlighter

Here are some other items that I think would fit well into a house basket:

  • small craft projects like knitting or cross stitch
  • magazines that you want to read 
  • a laptop or other digital devices
  • supplies (cards, stamps, etc.) for correspondence 
  • cozy socks or slippers

So far, I’m loving this concept. What would you put in your house basket?