June is passing quickly, which means we are fast approaching the halfway point of the year.

I love transition points like this because they provide what Gretchen Rubin calls “clean slate” opportunities, or situations when you can make a fresh start on a new habit, mindset, or way of thinking about yourself or the world around you. 

I also think mid-year is a great time to reset in a number of areas if things feel like they have gotten off track. 

Here are some of the areas that I’ll be exploring in the coming weeks along with some guiding questions to help me reflect:

My annual goals. What goals have I accomplished so far this year? What goals need to be added to my list? Are there any goals that I need to let go of?

My priorities. Where do I want to spend my time and energy in the coming months? What investments will most benefit my long-term goals (both personally and professionally)? How do my priorities show up in my calendar and my to-do list?

My physical health. How am I sleeping? Am I fitting in movement practices into my schedule as much as I would like to be? How many fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients am I getting in the food I eat? 

My emotional and mental health. Where can I continue to build in time for solitude and reflection? What areas feel challenging for me right now? What has worked well for me to support my emotional and mental health so far this year?

My routines. How are my morning and evening routines connected to my larger goals and values? Are there any routines that could benefit from a refresh? What routines are no longer serving me?

My finances. What are my current financial priorities? How do my financial goals relate to other goals and priorities that I currently have? What do I need to invest in for the remainder of this year to continue to strengthen this area?

My relationships. What strategies am I using to connect with the people who are the most important to me? How have I expressed gratitude to the people around me? How can I offer help or assistance to people that I want to serve?

My personal and professional development. What have I learned thus far this year? What do I hope to learn in the coming months? Who or what can help me learn more in the areas that I want to further develop?

I’m sure there are a lot of other areas I could add to this list! What would you include in your mid-year reset reflections?