This year, I drafted a shorthand list of my goals that I could refer to throughout the year. Some of these were tied to longer-term strategies and plans, but most were just for fun.

I also left four slots empty for goals that I wanted to add during each quarter of the year. Throughout the year, I’ve added one additional goal per quarter as they occurred to me throughout the year.

Now that we’re wrapping up the final quarter of the year, it’s time to check in on my goals and see how things went.

Here are my 22 goals for 2022 and the progress I made:

Reading Goals

  • Post at least two videos per month to my YouTube channel related to books and reading (you can check out my YouTube channel here). This was such a fun goal and I did post at least two videos about reading to my YouTube channel every month of this year. 
  • Read over 150 books throughout the year (see what I’m currently reading by connecting with me on Goodreads). I passed 150 books read in Q3 so I can officially mark this goal as completed for the year.
  • Read the 14 books in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series. Although I had to read two books of this series per month in Q4 to get it wrapped up, I did it! This was such an incredible investment of my time and I’m so glad I did this over the past year.
  • Read the 17 books in Louise Penny’s “Inspector Gamache” series. I started the year wanting to read the 17 books in this series and an 18th book was added in November — but I got them all read! The most recent book that just came out is definitely one of my favorites of the entire series.
  • Complete an alphabet reading challenge each month to read more books that I already own (see more about this challenge in this YouTube video). This has been one of the most unpredictable parts of my reading life this year! Each month, I added five books that start with a random letter to my TBR pile and I have loved this method for diversifying my reading.
  • Contribute to a little free library in my neighborhood. I located a couple of little free libraries within walking distance of my house and I’ve contributed books a couple of times now, so this goal is completed!
  • Visit all of the 26 different branches of the Denver Public Library and choose my favorite one. Done! I picked up the pace with this goal in Q3 and Q4 and visited the bulk of the libraries over the past few months. This was such a great way to explore different parts of the city since I get to visit lots of diverse neighborhoods. 
  • Maintain my daily Spanish language practice. I practiced Spanish every day this year, which helped me to try out different ways of supporting establishing a new habit.

Goals that support my mental, physical & emotional health

  • Experiment with an art journal (and fill the 240-page sketch book I bought for this purpose). In Q3, I retired this goal. Although I liked the idea of having an art journal, I found that I wasn’t motivated to engage with it at all. I swapped this goal out for refreshing my home office, which I devoted time to in Q3.
  • Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes. This definitely did not happen every day. I love this habit when I can squeeze it in, and even when I do this sporadically, it has positive benefits.
  • Complete a day-long yoga retreat (even if self-designed). I completed this goal over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a retreat themed around gratitude. (You can learn more about how I organized this retreat day in this blog post.)
  • Explore at least five different walking trails in the Denver area. This did not happen this year, but that means I have all the more areas for me to explore in the future!
  • Walk 10k steps per day the majority of the days in the year (183+ days). This is another goal that I wasn’t able to complete this year. No real reason why other than I didn’t always make it a priority.
  • Walk or run over 1000 miles throughout the year (on average, a little less than 3 miles per day). If I count this by my treadmill mileage, this is another goal I didn’t complete. However, my average daily miles on my Fitbit are 3 miles per day, so I’m calling this one good!
  • Walk a half marathon. I completed this goal the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was really fun to jump on the treadmill and just get it done!

Goals with my partner

  • Pay off 15% of our mortgage. We did this, but just barely! This is one of the goals that I’m most proud to have accomplished this year given that we had other house projects that we also needed to invest in.
  • Double the amount in our current savings account by the end of the year. Midway through the year, I adjusted this goal to hold steady with our savings number from the beginning of the year since we’ve had several unexpected expenses with our house projects. I’m happy say that we were able to keep our savings steady by ending the year with the same amount that we started with.
  • Watch all the Star Trek movies with my partner. This was another super entertaining goal and I’m so glad that I had this on my list. We finished these movies over the winter break!


  • TBD for Q1 — I decided to add an additional reading goal to try and read 22 books for each month of 2022. I was able to read this amount (or more) every month of this year.
  • TBD for Q2 — My extra goal for this quarter was to complete a change management certification with ProSci and I can mark this goal as completed!
  • TBD for Q3 — My extra goal for this quarter was to complete accreditation materials for ICF Level 2 requirements for my coach training program. This is done!
  • TBD for Q4 — My extra goal for Q4 is to make good progress on the writing I need to do for the second edition of The Blended Course Design Workbook. Given an unexpected project at work, I had to set this project aside, so I replaced it with reading 300 books this year instead 🙂

How did your goals for 2022 go?