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In this episode, I mention the following:

  • Prolific, my online community for academic writers
  • Upcoming Prolific events include:
    • January 10: Google Scholar Profile Updates (recording available!)
    • January 25: Prolific Reading Group — The Twelve Week Year by Moran & Lennington
    • February 9: Virtual Writing Sprint
    • February 22: Crafting Compelling Conference Proposals
    • Marcn 15: Backing Up Your Work
    • March 26: Prolific Reading Group — Wired to Create by Kaufman & Gregoire
    • April 8: Tips for Juggling Multiple Projects
    • April 19: Virtual Writing Sprint
    • May 3: Prolific Reading Group — Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
    • May 17: Summer Project Planning Meeting
    • June 8: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
    • June 28: Mid-year Writing Goals Check-in
    • July 6: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
    • July 23: Prolific Reading Group — What Editors Do edited by Peter Ginna
    • August 10: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
    • August 27: Fall Project Planning Meeting
    • Sept 10: Prolific Reading Group — Still Writing by Dani Shapiro
    • September 27: Self-care for Writers
    • October 10: Writing Book Proposals
    • October 25: Virtual Writing Sprint
    • November 5: Holiday Break Planning
    • November 18: Prolific Reading Group — Finish by Jon Acuff
    • December 13: 2019 Writing Accomplishments Celebration
    • December 30: Planning for 2020 Writing Goals

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