Earlier this summer, I shared my summer bucket list.

Now that the summer is wrapping up, it’s time to check in and see if I was able to accomplish from what I committed to:

Did I read the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson? This is one of my annual goals for this year and I thought that the summer would be the perfect time to dive into a multi-thousand page series! I ended up reading the first few books in late June and through July and then wrapped up the series in August. I loved making this a summer read.

Did I master how to cook tofu in an air fryer? I recently purchased an air fryer to experiment with (I picked this one) and I wanted to use the summer months to figure out how to make perfectly crisp tofu that I can use in a bunch of other recipes. Although this goal had a slow start, I did try out the air fryer a couple of times in August and it was ridiculously easy to make a simple fried tofu recipe that gives me a bulk batch for each week.

Did I visit several new Colorado cities? Other than exploring locally around Denver, my partner and I had not really done much travel in the rest of the state. I wanted to plan a few day trips this summer to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and some other neighboring cities. While I had the best of intentions, I only ended up making a couple of trips up to Boulder this summer. That said, I’m part of a leadership program that will require at least one trip to Colorado Springs so I know I can build in that visit this fall.

Did I relax on my hammock? I recently purchased a hammock, and in the spring we had some volatile weather (lots of thunder, lightning, and hail!) that didn’t really allow me to enjoy it. I was looking forward to some warm days and planned to do a lot of hammock reading this summer. And… I did! Most weekends, I spent an hour or so in the hammock reading to my heart’s content.

Did I get a massage? This is another one of my annual goals and I wanted to get it checked off over the summer. I found a couple of places to try and booked a massage that will take place in September. I’m looking forward to going more regularly now that I’ve identified a couple of options in town.

Did I log at least 6k Peloton minutes? There is an annual challenge with the Peloton app to accumulate 20k minutes throughout the year and I wanted to log about 6k minutes (or more) over the summer months. I was able to hit an additional 6k minutes in the summer and it felt awesome to achieve that goal! I did this mostly through biking, yoga, walking, and meditation.

What summer goals are you checking off your list as we head toward the fall?