Now that we are officially in December, my thoughts are turning to the end of the year.

This is one of my favorite months to reflect in since it offers an opportunity to enter into the New Year with intention and purpose.

Here are some of the reflective questions that I’ll be asking as the year comes to a close and I get ready to transition into 2023:

  • What went well this year? In addition to goals that I worked on and projects I completed, I’ll also be thinking about my habits and routines to see what I can think back on as being a positive component of the year.
  • What didn’t go well this year? No year is perfect, so I want to try and identify anything throughout the year that I wish had gone differently, and see if that leads to any changes in 2023.
  • What did I do this year that aligned with my vision of my future self? 
    As I talked about in a recent podcast episode, I love to engage in prospection and consider the relationship between my current and future selves.
  • What lessons did I learn from 2022? I consider myself a continual student, so this is one of my favorite questions to ponder so that I can note what I’m taking with me from my past into my future.
  • What do I want to continue to spend my time, energy, and attention on in 2023? Knowing what I know about this past year, I want to think carefully about what I want to continue to prioritize in the year ahead.
  • What do I want to not continue to spend my time, energy, and attention on in 2023? I can also use what I learned in the past year to decide what I want to stop doing or stop spending time and attention on in the year ahead.
  • What have I learned about myself in 2022 that I didn’t know before? Increasing my self-knowledge helps me to stay aligned to my values, so a question like this is a great way to note what I’m learning about who I am and how I operate.

What reflective questions will you be exploring as 2022 comes to a close?