Even in the midst of a pandemic, I’m wired to be motivated by the future. 

Now that we’re transitioning into the fourth quarter of the year, I wanted to take a moment to recognize some “wins” from quarter three and lay out some goals that I’ll be working toward in the coming months.

First, the wins:

I deepened my yoga practice. I completed a course on somatic coaching and I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Q3. I also read about a dozen books on yoga and engaged in my personal yoga practice each day. The past few months were a wonderful learning experience for me as I experiment with embodied practices.

I redesigned my coach training website. In August, I launched higheredcoaches.com to share all the information about my coach training program. Having a website for the coach training is one of the components I need to accredit the program with the International Coaching Federation, so I’m glad I got this item checked off my list.

I started a new role at work. This was a little unexpected, but I was happy to take on more responsibilities at my day job in Q3. I now oversee our marketing team, student success & advising team, recruitment team, and program development and management team at Global Campus. It’s been fun to explore our goals as we head toward the middle of the academic year.

I got back to reading fun books. I’m back to reading novels regularly and I’ve bumped my Goodreads challenge goal to 100 books this year (I’m currently at 79!). Reading is such an important component of my self-care, so it feels really good to get back to this practice. (Come find me on Goodreads so we can share book recommendations!)

And here are some of my goals for Q4 of the year:

Complete our landscaping project. This started in September and we hope to get it wrapped up in October. So far, we have had irrigation installed so that we can water our yard via an app. This is actually a great system since it syncs with the weather forecast so that we’re never over-watering or wasting resources. Next, we’re getting a patio installed, adding some lighting and plant beds, and getting a fence put up.

Pay down our mortgage. I mentioned in my post on remaining 2020 goals that I wanted to start paying down our mortgage. We’re tackling this goal in earnest and hope to pay down our mortgage by 25% or more by the end of the calendar year. Crunching the numbers, I think it’s possible!

Begin teaching yoga. Now that I’m officially certified to teach yoga, I want to build in virtual yoga teaching opportunities into my schedule. I recently announced the Deeply Rooted Virtual Retreat as my yoga teaching debut, and I’ll also be opening up slots for 1:1 yoga sessions soon. This is an area where I’m really excited to develop my skills in the coming months.

Study for and pass the PMP exam. This exam is taking place in late November, so I’ve got a couple of months to study and take practice tests before I sit for the real thing. The exam has about a 50% pass rate, so cross your fingers for me that I can pass the first time around. If I don’t, I hope to squeeze in another try before the end of the year.

Complete a 2021 business planning retreat. I’m going to take off some time around the holidays for an extended planning retreat so that I can prep as much as possible for my business activities and events in 2021. Getting as many things as I can prepared in advance helps me to juggle running the business in the rest of the year. 

What are some of your wins from Q3? What are you prioritizing in Q4 of 2020?