This year, I made an annual goal to listen to more podcast episodes. 

As an avid podcaster myself, I love podcasts as a medium to learn, hear stories, and be exposed to new ideas.

In addition to catching up on shows that I haven’t listened to in a while, there are also several shows that I’m interesting in checking out for the first time.

Here are some of the shows at the top of my to-listen list:

  • Brave New Work — a podcast about reinventing our organizations and the search for a more adaptive and human way of working.
  • The Friends with Books Podcast — a weekly show filled with book talk and recommendations across genres.
  • Creative Confidence Podcast — candid conversations with some of today’s most inspiring change makers, design thinkers, and creative minds.
  • Live Free Creative — conversational, instructional episodes about practical ways to apply the science of well-being to everyday life.
  • Quitted — conversations with guests who have quit all kinds of seemingly impossible things, about the decision to quit, but even more importantly, about what happens after that.
  • Sparked — a rotating lineup of wise mentors share insights, ideas, strategies, resources and tips to help us all better align what we do with who we are.
  • The Anxious Achiever —episodes reframing how we think about anxiety and mental health in the workplace.

What podcasts are on your to-listen list?