I’ve talked before about the benefits of scheduling a power day to cross some of those pesky to-do items off your list, and today I want to talk about taking that a step further and setting aside an entire weekend to move projects forward.

I’m planning now to dive into a large pile of work for the upcoming long weekend that will kick of the beginning of September.

Here’s how it started:

My partner decided to attend a multi-day film festival celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Marvel movies. The festival is in a neighboring town and will have him out of the house for several days watching up to 20 movies over the long weekend.

He’s super excited — and so am I.

My mind immediately started planning… what could I do with several days of uninterrupted free time?

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my partner on the weekends. But the entire house to myself? For several days?

Yes, please.

Here are some of the things that I have on my list to get accomplished during the time that I have the house to myself:

  • read and blurb a colleague’s book
  • prep podcast episodes and blog posts for all of September (this will involve recording, editing, and creating show notes for about 16 podcast episodes and drafting 4 essays — and getting everything scheduled and ready to post at appropriate times)
  • edit some course videos to release “mini-bundles” of one of my master courses
  • work on some food prep for the following week
  • do a nice deep clean of some areas of the house that could really use it

If you know me at all, you know digging in to uninterrupted work time is one of my happy places, but making the work time into an event can make it even more fun.

I want to turn this long weekend into a true celebration of my work time and how much I enjoy working on these projects. I’ll be celebrating by:

  • posting progress updates on social media and inviting others to join me in a long weekend of getting lots of to-do items crossed off our lists
  • taking evenings off to watch movies or read fun books and rest after a day of hard work
  • making time throughout each day to prepare meals that I really enjoy, get up to move and stretch, and reflecting throughout the day on what I’ve been able to accomplish
  • reveling in the good feeling of getting SO. MUCH. DONE. in a relatively short amount of time

I’m starting the work extravaganza on Friday, August 31 and continuing through Monday, September 3 in case you want to join in. I’ll be logging progress on Instagram Stories (you can find me @katie_linder) if you want to follow along in real time.

To think on:

  • What would you want to get done with several days of uninterrupted work time?
  • When can you plan your next power weekend?