I mentioned in a recent podcast episode that I had fallen off some of my morning routines in an effort to get a little more sleep.

While I have no regrets (sleep is so wonderful!), I am looking forward to getting back to an early wake-up time and my usual two hours of solitude before work.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on the following no-fail morning routines that always make me feel like the day if off to a good start (and they don’t take much time to complete!):

Hydrating. On my ideal morning, I’m drinking a 24oz jar of water and a 12oz cup of tea before I leave the house (peppermint is my morning go-to tea flavor at the moment). I’ve shared before that Denver is DRY, so hydrating early and often throughout the day have really helped me to feel my best.

Setting an intention. No matter what side of the bed I wake up on, I’m a firm believer that I can set an intention for my day that will help me focus on what really matters. Sometimes this involves looking at my calendar and thinking about what I want to accomplish, but other times it’s a more general intention like having a positive attitude throughout the day, or reaffirming my confidence in my abilities to tackle anything that comes my way.

Tidying or puttering. My favorite thing to tidy in the morning is the kitchen. Sometimes I clean up the kitchen the night before, but lately I’ve had some dishes to do in the morning, counters to wipe down, and a sink to clean. Puttering around my house in the morning, if only for a few minutes, helps me to feel like I have a more leisurely morning routine. 

Journaling. Even with less time in the morning, I’m still writing my daily pages. I spend about 25–30 minutes writing three pages in my journal before I get ready for the day. Sometimes this is a digest of the day before and sometimes it’s reflections on the day ahead or other topics or situations that are on my mind. (If you aren’t a journaler, I think any kind of reflective practice built into any part of your day is always a good thing.)

What are some of your no-fail morning routines?