As I mentioned earlier this year, I’m writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I thought it might be interesting to share these lists here, and to report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My September list focused on completing a big transition and wrapping up the first phase of my yoga teacher training. As with other months this year, September went by really quickly, and this is what I was able to accomplish:

  • Eased into a new role at my day job. In September, I transitioned from overseeing one team to managing four teams. I was able to have a couple meetings with each new director that reports to me and make some progress with vision and goals for a new team that just formed.
  • Setup my new office space. This is done! I ordered a new desk, chair, and bookshelf and they are all set up and ready to go. We had to complete some tech upgrades to ensure that our wireless extended to the back corner of our basement, but it’s all coming together! 
  • Completed my YTT! My yoga teacher training course that I began in June finished in September and I passed my exam and recorded practicum. In celebration, I’m inviting everyone to attend my yoga teacher debut at a Deeply Rooted Virtual Retreat event that I’m offering in December and early January.
  • Launched more coach training! Two additional coach training courses (201 and 302) began in September and another one launches next week. It’s a heavy coach training time for me, but I’m loving every minute. I’ll be opening enrollment for the first 2021 coach training cohort later this month, so stay tuned (or you can sign up for the waiting list here).
  • Read a lot of books. I was able to read a lot of books in September (16 in all), but it wasn’t really a movie watching month for me like I intended. I did feel like I was able to rest and recharge after a busy August, so that goal was met. As we head into fall, I think that tackling my toppling to-read pile will continue to be a priority.

And now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! I’m ready to welcome October and begin to shift into the last quarter of the year. I love the final push for annual goals and I look forward to seeing what the next few months will bring!

Here are some of the items on my October to-do list:

  • Begin phase 2 of my yoga teacher training. I decided to sign up for a 300-hour training to continue my yoga education (learn more about my decision in this podcast episode) and I can’t wait to dive into the live calls later this month. I’ve been working my way through some of the course materials and I’m excited to deepen my understanding of embodiment and facilitating yoga experiences for others.
  • Study for the PMP exam and take at least one practice test. I’m about two months away from taking my project management professional (PMP) exam, so it’s time to start studying in earnest. I have several books I want to read and some practice tests that I need to take over in the coming weeks.
  • Purchase my 2021 powersheets! The 2021 version of the monthly and quarterly planner that I use goes on sale in the middle of this month, so I’ll be purchasing it in a couple weeks. I’ve already started creating a 2021 goals brainstorming list (that shouldn’t surprise you at all!), so I’m excited to dive into that planning as we get closer to the end of the year.
  • Enroll participants for 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust. My next offering of the 7 Weeks to RST group coaching program begins in November and I’m so ready for this time of self-reflection. If you want to schedule some reflective time with yourself this time of year, I hope you’ll join us.

It looks like I’ve got a pretty full plate this month! What are you looking forward to in the month of October?