A couple years back, I began writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I share these lists here, and report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My April list focused on welcoming a new employee at my job, some planning for the coming months, and fitting in self-case. Here is what I was able to accomplish in the last month:

  • Onboarded a new employee at work. In early April, I welcomed a new director in my area. We’re now two weeks into his new job and I think that my planning paid off to help this staff member settle in, start some projects, and get a chance to meet new colleagues.
  • Visited new library branches. One of my goals for this year was to visit all the library branches in my area to pick my favorite ones. I was able to check off a couple more branches off my list in April. One that was in walking distance of my work, and another close to where we pick up our groceries.
  • Planned my spring and summer projects. I’m lucky to have a large white board in my office and it’s gotten a lot of use as I plan my upcoming projects. Regularly looking at a written list of what I need to work on in the coming months has been really helpful to think through next steps and to outline the supports I’ll need to make each project successful.
  • Got a haircut. Getting a haircut this month felt so great. I tried a new salon and it was a wonderful experience of self-care. I ended up chopping of a few inches and it’s made drying and styling my hair in the morning so much faster.

April was very full month of projects and meetings, but full days made it pass quickly! And now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items. I’m ready to launch into May and see what the next month holds.

Here are some of the items on my May to-do list:

  • Launch a coach training course. In May, I start to facilitate another course in my coach training program. So far, moving the schedule of these courses to Saturdays has been helping me to keep my evenings free for rest and recovery time during the week.
  • Watch at least three Star Trek movies. I’m behind on this annual goal to watch all the Star Trek movies this year, so I’m going to try and get caught up in May. I’d like to watch at least three movies this next month since we’re almost to the halfway point of the year!
  • Make a plan to work on the second edition of one of my books. My editor recently asked me to take on this project and I need to figure out how to fit it into my schedule for the remainder of the year. I’ve already secured a co-author to help me, so I’m looking forward to working out the details of our collaboration and timeline.
  • Record another reading vlog. I’m hosting the next read-a-thon for my Prolific community in May and I’d like to use the opportunity to record another vlog for my YouTube channel. My last vlog was in January, so I’m overdue for recording another video documenting a day of reading.

Once again, this next month is looking pretty full! What are you looking forward to in the month of May?