A few years back, I began writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I share these lists here, and report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My February list focused on getting back into some habits and checking a couple timely items off my to-do list. Here’s what I was able to get done in the last month:

  • Submitted a conference talk proposal. I was asked to be an invited speaker at a conference in April and I needed to put together my proposed title and talk description early in February. This got done early in the month and was accepted! I also learned in February that I was accepted to present at a different conference happening this summer as well.
  • Completed a library book challenge. I had so many books out from the library in February both in physical and digital forms, so I decided to focus on reading through these piles last month and get as many off of my to-be-read stack as possible. I read over 25 library books in February so this was a success!
  • Journaled more regularly. For years, I had a daily journaling practice, but that has been harder for me to maintain over the last couple of months. In February, I got back to my daily three morning pages and that felt so good to have a regular place to reflect and debrief.
  • Listened to a Taylor Swift album. I listened to the first album from Taylor Swift in January (self titled Taylor Swift from 2006), and I wanted to keep up with this annual goal in February since there are 11 albums left to go. Listening to Fearless (from 2008) was a fun goal to accomplish this past month.

February flew by with a lot going on at work and working toward my personal goals. Now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! I’m ready to launch into March and see what this last month of Q1 will bring.

Here are some of the items on my March to-do list:

  • Take a week off of work. In recognition of my part in a very large project at work, I was gifted 10 days of administrative leave to be used by the end of the fiscal year. I decided to use some of that time to take off a week over our spring break that happens in late March. I’m not sure what I’ll do during that week, but I’m really looking forward to some unscheduled time to rest and recuperate after several months of hard work and long hours.
  • Watch more television and movies. I have several things that I want to make progress on watching in March: X-Men movies and Dawson’s Creek episodes (from my annual goals list), catching up on You on Netflix (which everyone seems to be talking about!), and watching the adaptation of Daisy Jones and the Six when it comes out. Here’s to more lounging in front of the television in March!
  • Walk outside more. My lunch time walks really fell to the wayside with our recent weather turning so cold. I’m hoping that the temperatures rise enough that I can get back outside on a regular basis to get some sunshine and fresh air. Mid-day walks are also a great energy boost when I’m at my desk on zoom for large portions of the day.
  • Drop off a donation to Goodwill. As with most donations, I’ve created the pile that needs to be donated, but haven’t actually dropped it off! I need to do one more sweep of my closet and house and then take the latest donation to the drop-off center.

Once again, this next month is looking pretty full! What are you looking forward to in the month of March?