Last year, I began writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I thought it might be interesting to share these lists here, and to report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My January list focused on launching some programs in my business, completing a new credential, and making progress on some goals that were included on my 21 goals for 2021 list. As usual, January passed quickly! This is what I was able to accomplish in the last month:

  • All the launches! I started a new coach training cohort, a new Slow Hustle business mastermind cohort, and a new coach training class for the current cohorts in January. It was a full month of launches, but everything is off to a great start so far.
  • Completed a new DASM credential. In January I attended a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master training that was followed by an exam. I passed! This was definitely a new area of content knowledge for me, but I’ve already presented about what I learned through this credential to my leadership team at work and I see lots of possibilities for applying what I’ve learned across different areas of my role.
  • Progress on some yoga goals. I was able to make some good progress on yoga goals in January, including recording my 20-minute practicum video that’s a requirement to graduate from my 300-hour training program (a huge thanks to my younger sister whose has been my students in two of these practicum videos now!). I also completed a Yin yoga training that I really enjoyed.
  • Paid Q4 business taxes and began to prep 2020 tax information for my accountant. I’m considering this goal about halfway done. We did get our Q4 business taxes paid, but I’m still collecting all the documents that we need to get to our accountant by mid-February. This goal will continue into this next month.
  • De-cluttered my closet and dressers. This is done and it was so fun! I wrote about some lessons learned from this process on my blog so you can read about how I went about this process (and the results) here. This was one of my 21 goals for the year, so it was fun to check it off the list in January.

And now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! I’m ready to welcome February and all the goals and tasks that a new month will bring. This next month is already looking packed and I’m excited to dive in!

Here are some of the items on my February to-do list:

  • Graduate from my 300-hour YTT! I should be able to wrap up all the requirements for this program in February and then I’ll be done with that piece of my yoga training. I did just sign up for another 200-hour training on meditation (I couldn’t resist since deepening that practice is one of my goals for 2021), so that will also launch in February.
  • Earn my CPTD credential. I’ve been reading a lot of books to prepare to take the exam to become a Certified Professional in Talent Development. A lot of the reading is connected to previous work that I’ve done in faculty development, so it’s been really fun to revisit that and also to learn some new things about training, coaching, organizational development, and evaluation.
  • Release a couple new podcast seasons. February will include new podcast seasons of Coach to Coach and Make Your Way (after a year’s hiatus!), so I’m super excited to share these new episodes with the dedicated listeners of both shows.
  • Finalize 2020 tax information for my accountant. Continuing from last month, I’ll be gathering all the paperwork that I need to send to our accountant for our personal and business taxes. This will feel SO good to cross off my list when it’s done!
  • Market spring programs. It’s time to start enrolling for the spring offering of my 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust group coaching program as well as the April cohort of the coach training program, so I’ll be sending out emails and marketing these programs on social media and other spaces in the coming months.
  • Take an online course on Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM). With some new responsibilities on my plate at work, I decided to take an online course to help me learn more about this area of my portfolio. I’m looking forward to some more professional development in this area over the next 8 weeks or so.

It looks like I’ve got a pretty full plate this month! What are you looking forward to in the month of February?