As I mentioned earlier this year, I’m writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I thought it might be interesting to share these lists here, and to report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My November list focused on surviving the election news cycle, more studying for my PMP exam, and wrapping up some fall projects. As with other months this year, November sped by! This is what I was able to accomplish in the last month:

  • Wrapped up the coach training sessions for the 501 course. This was such a fun training to facilitate! Since this course is focused on mentorship, we spent our sessions together observing and giving feedback on recorded sessions that each participant brought to the group. It was a blast.
  • Launched season 5 of the Coach to Coach podcast. Done! The first four episodes are live (listen to them here)!
  • Completed our landscaping work. This is also done! All the items got checked off our list this month and we now have a new fence, patio, outdoor lighting, sprinkler system, and plant beds. It took a while to get this project done since there were lots of other people involved, but I’m super thankful that this project is now complete.
  • Sent 2021 program enrollment launch emails. Done! My 2021 programs are starting to fill, so that’s really exciting. It’s always fun for me to imagine how the new cohorts will blend and support each other in the coming year for my coach training and Slow Hustle programs.
  • Took the PMP exam. Done! I took the exam on Thanksgiving morning starting at 6:45am and I’m so glad to say that I passed on the first attempt! I’ll be sharing more about how I prepared for this process in a future podcast episode, so stay tuned.
  • Launched the 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust group coaching program. Done! This group of participants is amazing so far and I can’t believe that we’re already halfway done with the fall offering.
  • Completed a Thanksgiving Break creative retreat. I spent my Thanksgiving weekend recovering from my PMP exam, but I did squeeze in some podcast prep for December and made some progress on the materials for my Deeply Rooted Virtual Retreat event. I also had a lot of coaching appointments scheduled over this weekend, so with the limited time I had to do creative work, I’m calling it a success!
  • Organized our garage. I was able to unpack some final boxes and get a large pile of cardboard recycled this month. Up next: putting up some shelves to get everything organized. 
  • Read my 99th and 100th books of the year. Done! I flew by this goal and I’m now at 105 books read for the year so far. (Come find me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading in real-time.)

And now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! I’m ready to welcome December and close out the year strong. This next month is already looking packed and I’m excited to dive in!

Here are some of the items on my December to-do list:

  • Finish prepping materials for my Deeply Rooted Virtual Retreat. I’m putting together a workbook, some bonus worksheets, and a Notion space for this event, and I’m excited to get all the details wrapped up before the first event launches on December 18. I made good progress on this project over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I still need to finalize everything in the first couple of weeks of December.
  • Wrap up the coach training sessions for the 201 and 302 courses and launch the 401 course. As some coach training courses finish up, another one starts! Coach training has been such a grounding force for me this year, so I’m grateful for the cycle of new courses starting in December and January.
  • Finish facilitating the 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust group coaching program. This is another program that will be wrapping up in December. I’ve loved our reflections together so far and look forward to seeing what else we’ll explore and learn together this month.
  • Start recording season 6 of Coach to Coach. The next season of the podcast launches in February, so I’m starting to record episodes in December to get a jump on the editing work. This next season will include conversations with some of my coach training participants, so I’m really looking forward to these recording sessions!
  • Complete a December business retreat. One of my goals for the remainder of the year was to take some time off of work to get in some planning time for my 2021 business services and programs. Getting as much as I can prepped in advance helps me devote more time to clients throughout the year. 
  • Rest. It’s been a full year of work, goals, and projects. I’m looking forward to some time to power down, rest, and recover before hitting the ground running in 2021. My favorite rest activities include solitude time, reading, napping, and podcast listening so I’ll be fitting in all those activities in December as well.

It looks like I’ve got a pretty full plate this month! What are you looking forward to in the month of December?