Need a little positivity, creativity, or inspiration these days?

I’ve got you covered!

Whenever I’ve needed a smile lately, I’ve turned to these YouTube channels that are packed with creative ideas, positive hosts, and beautifully shot videos.

If you need a smile, here are some of my favorite YouTube channels for when I’m looking for a bit of a boost:

Wild We Roam: I stumbled upon this channel about a year ago and find it so inspiring! Dana and Lou are a couple who overhauled a van that they used to travel around Europe for several years. Most recently, they sold their van, bought a boat, and have been outfitting it to sail around the world. Each video is upbeat, creative, and has great storytelling. There’s also plenty of content if you want to deep dive into older videos to see the whole story.

Do It On a Dime: If you need an energy boost, this is the channel that I would recommend. I’m obsessed with Kathryn’s cleaning videos, which are SO satisfying to watch. Kathryn also has fun crafting and organizational videos that show how to decorate your home throughout a range of seasons. I’m not a huge crafter myself, but I love Kathryn’s creativity and positive attitude.

Wandering Aimfully: Wandering Aimfully is the channel of Jason and Caroline Zook, two online business owners who are always experimenting, ideating, and showing the behind the scenes of how they run their business. They also have a great video series called “Growing Through It” where they coach business owners on changes and adjustments to help their businesses thrive. I also love how Jason and Caroline edit their videos to add emojis and other fun creative elements. (Full disclosure: I’m a member of Jason and Caroline’s small business community called WAIM Unlimited.)

Marie Poulin: Marie Poulin is now a well-known expert on Notion, the software product that I use to digitally organize my goals and tasks. Her channel is an amazing resource of demo videos for how to get started with Notion, tours of her own and other people’s Notion set-ups, and videos that show her building in Notion to solve client’s problems in a real-time setting. This channel is a rich resource if you are thinking of creating anything using Notion. (Full disclosure: I was an early purchaser of Marie’s course Notion Mastery.)

Pick Up Limes: When I’m looking for inspiration and creativity related to food, I turn to this channel. As you may know, I’m a gluten-free vegan with some extra food sensitivities thrown in that have led to me to also follow a low-FODMAP diet. This channel is beautifully edited to show creative vegan recipes that are easily modifiable to fit my dietary needs. Sadia’s videos are so professionally produced and I always leave inspired (and hungry!).

Yoga with Adriene: I don’t think this recommendation will surprise anyone! I love Adriene’s approach to making yoga accessible and her themed videos offer so many options for however I might be feeling any given day. I also really enjoy how Adriene focuses in on specific poses, includes pranayama (breathing) exercises, and discusses the chakras so that you can go as deep as you want into the yoga experience. This is a great channel for those new to yoga or for folks who are more experienced.

I hope these channels offer you a chance to smile and laugh when you need a break. Where else are you turning for positivity, creativity, or inspiration right now?