When life gets super busy, I like to lean into simple pleasures that bring me small bits of joy throughout my day or week.

Lately, these are some of my current favorite simple things:

Kindle reading challenges. Each quarter, there are 15 Kindle challenges that include readings streaks, reading in different genres, and other small tasks that you can complete. I read a lot on my kindle, so working through these challenges each quarter is a bright spot for me.

Jigsaw puzzles. I use a jigsaw puzzle app and it’s a fun thing to do while I’m listening to an audiobook. I love the digital puzzle apps because you can choose the size of the puzzle that you want and the whether the pieces are rotated or not. The different levels of challenge for the puzzles allows you to decide what you are in the mood for.

Watching movie trailers. Sometimes, I don’t have the brain focus to watch a whole movie, or even an episode of a show, so movie trailers are perfect. In addition to just lasting for a few minutes, they also help me stay in the loop about what kinds of movies are coming up that I might be interested in.

Winter oranges. My partner surprised me with adding some oranges to our weekly grocery order and they have been such a delight! I had forgotten how wonderful oranges are this time of year.

Heating pads. I have heating pads at work, at home in my reading chair, and one by my bed to use at night. This time of year, I’m cold pretty much everywhere I go, so I love to have a heating pad to get cozy at a moment’s notice.

New socks and slippers. Recently, I got some new socks to wear around the house (I just order the bulk Hanes tube socks). I also switched out my slippers. I find winter time is the perfect time to ensure your socks and slippers are making the grade.

Nachos. Not too long ago, I visited another college campus and ate in their cafeteria. They had a vegan-friendly nacho bar and it helped me remember how much I love nachos. I bought ingredients to make nachos at home for Super Bowl weekend as well (I skip the cheese and just do refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, salsa, and avocado).

Watching snow fall. We’ve had some lovely snow storms lately and they often begin at night. I’ve really enjoyed sitting by the window and just watching the snow fall for a while. Seeing how fast it accumulates is pretty amazing.

Lunchtime walks in the sun. With the recent snow, it’s also been amazing to have some lunchtime walks in the sun. We had a bit of a false spring lately and it meant that I could take some walks in the sun without a coat. What a joy!

Lavender Face Wipes. I bought these lavender face wipes to use at the end of each day and they have been a wonderful addition to my evening routine. Anything that helps me be more efficient these days is welcome and the smell of lavender is always relaxing for me, especially at the end of the day.

What are some of your favorite simple things lately?