I could not be more excited for this long weekend. 

In addition to having Monday off, I decided to take off Friday as well, so I have four full days of time that is mostly unscheduled.

In the midst of some client meetings and coach training I need to facilitate over the weekend, here are some of the other things I have planned:

Reading. I have several books on my list to finish by the end of the month, so this weekend is perfect timing. I’m also hosting a read-a-thon for my Prolific community members on Sunday and I love to see what everyone else is reading for those events! (You can always see what I’m reading in real-time on Goodreads.)

Napping. Is there anything better than an afternoon nap on a long weekend? I think not, so I’m definitely prioritizing this — hopefully on multiple days.

Learning. I have a training that I need to complete for my coach training program re-accreditation. I expect it will take a while, so I’d like to get it started over the weekend and then work on it a little at a time in the coming weeks.

Watching. We’re on season four of Bones and I have a bunch of YouTube videos to catch up on, so I’m hoping to log a little time for that as well.

Creating. I’d love to spend a little time over the long weekend getting ahead on content creation for my podcast and blog. I’m planning to do my “Restful July” again this year, which means I just have another month or so of content before I take that break.

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?