During the pandemic, I talked about how I kept myself motivated by focusing on little joys that I could look forward to. 

Recently, I realized that I had several different kinds of events that I was looking forward to that reminded me of that pandemic time. Many of these things have specific dates, but I wasn’t tracking them all in one place.

So, I decided to create what I call my “anticipation station,” which is a list of upcoming events that I can look forward to. I decided to use the calendar view in Asana since this view allows me to see what is coming up next on my list and makes it super easy to add new items as they occur to me.

Here are some of the kinds of things that I included there:

  • Movies or shows that are releasing on a certain date (for example, I often read books because they are being adapted into films or shows, so now I can mark when they are releasing so I don’t forget to check them out)
  • Books that are releasing on a certain date (since I read a lot of series books, it helps me to see when the latest book in a series is releasing so I can add them to my library hold list)
  • Milestones on the Peloton app like when I earn new badges for weekly streaks (these reminders serve as great motivations to keep the streaks going!)
  • Days that I’m taking off of work (the calendar view also helps me to see the frequency of my days off and when I have large amounts of time without a break scheduled)
  • Dates when new Kindle challenges release (Kindle has quarterly challenges that have time released tasks to complete related to reading — I like to note when new challenges are being posted)
  • Work anniversaries (even almost two years in, I think that every month that passes at my new job is an important milestone since I’m learning so much with every passing week)

Would you ever create an “anticipation station”? What kinds of things would you add to it?