Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of pleasure in anticipation. 

I have some things on my to-do list that will take dedicated time and energy, so I need to wait until I have a bigger window on my calendar to get them done.

In the meantime, I let the anticipation build.

For example, I recently purchased some book shelves that I needed so that I could start unpacking the majority of our books. (In our old house, we had more shelving that was built in, but that’s not the case in our new house.) 

Currently, we have boxes and boxes of books sitting in our basement.

Since I purchased the book shelves from IKEA, I need to find some time to put them together before I can start unpacking the books (which is another hours-long task in itself). Looking at my calendar, I know my first possible time to do this is probably November 20, when I’ve blocked off a weekend afternoon for the project. Most likely, it will also spill over into the Thanksgiving holiday.

And I can’t wait. 

The anticipation is so delicious because I love the idea of this project. It’s been several months now since we’ve had these books available to us. Plus, I’ll get the pleasure of breaking down even more boxes and clearing our basement of more moving clutter.

I think the anticipation of getting this project completed is almost as delightful as the feeling I’ll have when it’s all done.

Here are some of the other items on my anticipation list:

  • Installing my large wall calendar (I did this in my old house using cork boards along an entire wall and I want to do it here, too)
  • Unpacking books in our bedroom onto a new bookcase (my partner has bedside books that are still in boxes)
  • Rearranging my office (I moved a bookcase from there into the bedroom, so I need to shift some things around)
  • Putting together our guest bedroom (we have the bed frame in the room, but it’s not assembled yet and we still don’t have a mattress for it)
  • Unpacking our dvds (these are also in boxes sitting in our basement)
  • Setting up my partner’s office (once the book and dvd boxes are unpacked downstairs and we have more room to maneuver, it will be much easier to tackle this project)

What are you anticipating these days?