This week, there has been some flooding in my area. A road that I typically take to work closed down when it was overrun by the local river, which means that I dealt with way more traffic this week than I’m used to. 

I live in an area that doesn’t really do back roads, so if a main thoroughfare shuts down, people are kind of out of luck. With just a couple main roads that lead to where I work, the options are limited.

And the rain just keeps on coming. The forecast is for more rain through the weekend and into next week. 

What I keep thinking about is that the rain doesn’t know how much havoc it’s causing. It’s just doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s falling where it’s supposed to fall. And I’m just having to deal with the consequences.

These kinds of reminders of how my life can be impacted by things that are totally out of my control are always helpful for me. To be sure, they can be a little frustrating as well, but I appreciate an opportunity to practice gratitude even in challenging times.

For example, the rain and flooding this week led me to:

  • Listen to more podcasts in my car (my commute time has quadrupled)
  • Learn more about the Oregon Department of Transportation website (this is where I can see what roads are open and closed)
  • Talk with my colleagues about their various commutes and how they were or were not impacted by the flooding
  • Feel gratitude that my house isn’t on a flood plane (and that I am able to afford good insurance if it was)
  • Appreciate that my work schedule is flexible enough that I can arrive late and leave early, rearrange meetings, or work from home when I need to

Eventually, the waters will recede and my routine will return to normal, but sometimes this kind of disruption can serve up some life lessons if I’m paying attention.

To think on:

  • What was the most recent disruption in your life?
  • What lessons do you learn when things feel a little out of your control?