To celebrate my new yoga teaching credential, and to help me to reflect on the lessons from a pretty challenging year, I decided to put together a virtual yoga and planning retreat to motivate us all as we head into 2021!

Couldn’t we all use a guided process to engage in embodied reflection and relaxation to process the past year?

Couldn’t we all use a little time to slow down and think through how we want to intentionally design our coming year?

Deeply Rooted will provide this opportunity as we explore what we have gained from 2020 while we plan for a meaningful and productive 2021. 

During this 1.5-day virtual retreat, I’ll guide participants through a process that will give time and space to:

  • prioritize your guiding values for 2021
  • identify the goals and projects you want to give time and energy to in 2021
  • ensure alignment between your goals, values, and vision
  • connect with and learn from other retreat participants
  • practice embodied reflection through yoga

The virtual retreat will include large-group reflection, small-group and paired breakouts for debrief and discussion, Q&A sessions, and restorative and Yin yoga sequences to help you relax and reflect on what will be most important for you in 2021. 

My hope is that each person will leave the retreat with a clearer understanding of:

  • the lessons you are taking away from 2020
  • your vision for 2021
  • your action plan for meaningful projects you want to accomplish in 2021
  • the word or phrase you want to guide you throughout the year
  • a set of personalized daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly practices for meaningful productivity and renewal

All retreat participants will receive a digital workbook of reflective activities to be completed before, during, and after the retreat. I’m also putting together some Notion templates for goal tracking, as well as a bunch of fun bonus worksheets to use throughout the year when aligning your goals with your values.

I hope you’ll join me! 

I’ll be hosting the retreat twice: December 18–19, 2020 & January 1–2, 2021. The first day of each retreat time will be 9–5pm CT and the second day will be 9–1pm CT.

Want to start off your 2021 with intention and calm? Join me!

Register for the December 18–19 retreat ($197)
or register for the retreat + a 1:1 coaching session ($347)

Register for the January 1–2 retreat ($197)
or register for the retreat + a 1:1 coaching session ($347)