Similar to previous years, in 2024 I drafted a shorthand list of my goals that I can refer to throughout the year. Totaling 24 goals for 2024, I left four slots empty for goals that I plan to add during each quarter of the year.

For 2024, I also decided to organize my goals around the principles of my radical self-trust taxonomy. This is something that I’ve done in the past and this year seemed like a good opportunity to return to this structure. 

Like I have in the past, I chose several goals for 2024 that will take a while for me to achieve so that I can look forward to working on them all year long. Now that we’ve wrapped up Q2 and we’re halfway through the year, it’s time to check in on my goals and see how things are going.

Here are my 24 goals for 2024 and the progress I’ve made so far:

Living My Core Values with Intention

(My core values are radical self-trust, creativity, recovery/self care, alignment, and holding space. I talk about these values in more depth in this blog post. I also share some strategies for identifying your core values in this podcast episode.)

  • Pay off 25% of our remaining mortgage (RST, alignment, self-care). I was able to make consistent extra payments to our mortgage in the first half of the year and we are a little over 80% complete with the number I was hoping to pay off this year. We are tracking ahead of schedule and that feels awesome.
  • Go on a self-designed business retreat (creativity, alignment). I’m actually in the midst of this goal since I decided to do the retreat over my vacation happening at the end of June through the first week in July. Having concentrated time to focus on my business has been really lovely. I’ll share out more about what this retreat looked like once it’s fully complete.
  • Add a weekly guided meditation option to the Prolific events calendar (creativity, holding space, self-care). Done! I started to offer a live guided meditation session on Sunday evenings and themes thus far have included gratitude, self-compassion, goal visualization, and welcoming in a new season.

Nurturing My Superpowers

(I define superpowers as the areas where one’s strengths and values overlap. When I cultivate my superpowers, I become more of who I am meant to be and I can offer more of my unique contributions to the world. While I can identify several different superpowers that I have, reading is an area that I want to continue to focus on this year since it helps the most with my value around recovery/self-care.)

Playfully Experimenting

(By playfully experimenting, I help to keep myself energized through trying new things and stretching myself in new areas.)

  • Try climbing at an indoor rock wall. Done! I was able to complete this over my spring break vacation in March.
  • Complete an alphabet reading challenge each month (choosing a random letter and picking 5 books from my Kindle that start with that letter) to read more books that I already own (you can see what I pick on my monthly TBR videos on my YouTube channel). This is completed for the first six months of the year! I love this challenge so much to keep my reading spontaneous and to explore some new authors.

Seeking Self-Knowledge

(Continually learning about myself gives me more clarity with my life’s direction as well as more peace with all the large and small decisions that I make.)

  • Return to a regular journaling practice. I’m journaling in my five-year journal, but I’m still not back to regular morning pages.
  • Find a good therapist and attend at least six sessions. Done!
  • Add pieces to my wardrobe that align with my personal style. This goal is well on its way. In Q1, I purchased a couple of skirts, a new sweater, and some capri jeans for warmer weather. In Q2, I purchased a couple new pairs of work capris and refreshed my leisure clothes with some new sweatpants and sweatshirts. I also did a few closet clean outs in the first half of the year and made donations to my local thrift store.

Practicing Loving-Kindness Toward Myself and Others

(I can offer more to others when I take care of myself, so prioritizing recovery time and self-care is a must for me.)

  • Log 20k minutes in the Peloton app by the end of the year. This is on track. I’ve logged over 12k minutes for the year so far through biking, walking, rowing, yoga, and meditation.
  • Re-watch 12 nostalgic movies. Done! In Q1 this year I re-watched 12 movies. Some of my favorites were Now and Then, The Italian Job, The Martian, Juno, and Spotlight.
  • Find a dentist and get back to regular appointments. This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m committed to doing it over the summer!

Settling into My Life’s Purpose

(A big component of my life’s purpose is helping people create and engage in meaningful change. I do this through leadership, coaching, writing, and things like modeling aspects of radical self-trust in what I share on my podcast and blog.)

  • Cross the 1800+ coaching experience hours mark in my coaching log. This is still making good progress and I’m on track to hit 1800 by the end of the year.
  • Read four coaching-related books. I read Widen the Window in Q2, so I’ve completed 1 out of 4.
  • Write a nonfiction book (goal: at least 50k words). I made some progress on this over my spring break, but I also ended up questioning my original plan for what I wanted to write this year. I would say this goal is about 20-25% complete right now, but I need to decide what I want to do with this project.


  • Complete final book publication tasks. My extra goal for Q1 was getting all the final work done for the second edition of The Blended Course Design Workbook, which will come out later this year. Runner up: I also took on some new work responsibilities in Q1 so those also get an honorable mention.
  • Launched a side project for my business. I decided to create a new course for my coach training program on coaching neurodiverse clients, so I started the reading and research for this project in Q2.
  • TBD for Q3
  • TBD for Q4

How are things going with your 2024 goals now that Q2 is wrapping up and we’re halfway through the year?