Exploring and making decisions based on my values has been a central part of my life for the past several years. As a values and alignment coach, this is also a topic that I talk about A LOT with my clients.

I define values as those key words or phrases that remind you of your priorities. I think they are one of the most important tools that we have to help us make decisions and choose where we want to spend our time and energy.

As we head into 2021, I’ve been thinking about the values that have been guiding me this year and where I want to devote my energy in the coming year. 

Currently, there are five values that I plan to focus on:

Radical Self-Trust

This one probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise! A couple years ago, I identified radical self-trust as an important component of my life’s purpose (read more on that here), and I’ve been using the six cultivation strategies as a core element of my life and business ever since.

Right now, this value primarily shows up in my life through leaning into autonomy, independence, and choice as a method for modeling how to practice radical self-trust. 


When I first started identifying my values, creativity rose to the top of the list very quickly. Creativity is an important part of where I receive and give my energy. I also believe that nurturing creativity and design as processes in my business help me to grow wealth and attract new clients.

Right now, this value primarily shows up in my life through website design projects, podcasting, blogging, process sharing on social media, and the development of new programs and services.


As I get older, I can better understand the importance of recovery and self-care as a regular practice. In particular, I have been focusing on creating habits that support consistent solitude, healing, and reflection so that I’m prioritizing recovery periods, especially after times of intense work.

Right now, this value primarily shows up in my life through morning pages and other reflective writing, my yoga practice, reading, napping, and scheduling late morning weekend work starts so that I build in time for solitude.


Since I’m a strategic thinker, alignment is often a natural part of how I piece together projects, priorities, and goals. I like to leverage my strengths in systems thinking, strategy, and planning to intentionally foster alignment across all of my projects, systems, and values. (I help coaching clients with this piece a lot, too.)

Right now, this value primarily shows up in my life through things like quarterly planning retreats, monthly goal setting with powersheets, and calendaring and planning methods that allow for multi-year strategizing.

Holding Space

As I’ve worked over the past several years to deepen my coaching practice, holding space has become an important value for me. Part of this has meant intentionally developing my own understanding of the mind/body connection as a tool for holding space for mine and others’ reflection and growth.

Right now, this value primarily shows up in my life through somatic (embodied) coaching methods, meditation, teaching yoga, and seeking out silence and solitude.

What are some of the values you are giving time and energy to in 2021?