This past week, I traveled on a plane for the first time in over three years. 

This out-of-town conference was my first time navigating an airport in some time, so I made all the plans to ensure that I had everything I needed even if I was feeling a little rusty (you can check out this podcast episode to hear more about my prep).

I thought it would also be fun to share an update on my travel essentials here on the blog. In addition to the clothes, toiletries, and other basics that I packed, there were some other items I didn’t want to forget to bring along.

Plane-ride necessities:

  • noise-cancelling headphones (I have this pair)
  • downloaded audiobooks (I usually stream these, so having local copies allowed me to listen to them without wifi)
  • physical book (just in case I needed a back-up)
  • iPad mini (for ebook reading and jigsaw puzzling)
  • jigsaw puzzle app (also possible to use without wifi)
  • scarf (I always get so cold on planes!)
  • mask (I masked throughout the trip since that’s what I’m still doing at home)
  • sanitizer wipes (for arm rests and general seat area)
  • carry-on only luggage (since I only stayed one night, I could limit to just carry-ons for this trip; I brought a rolling bag and backpack)

Daily routines:

  • 5-year journal (I fill this out every day, even when traveling)
  • regular journal (this is where I log my three morning pages each day)
  • Peloton app (for hotel gym or working out on my own in my room)
  • Serial Reader app (for my daily reading session of the most current classic on my list)
  • vitamins and meds (I take vitamins and meds each morning and evening, so I brought my day-of-the-week pill organizer with me)

Sleep support:

  • eye mask (this has become a must for me to block out any blinking lights or other distractions)
  • melatonin (I’ve been taking 5mg each night before bed in gummy form to help me fall asleep and stay asleep)
  • white noise machine (I use this machine every night, so it was worth it to bring with me)


  • refillable water bottle / tea container
  • mixed nuts (for a quick protein hit)
  • a few tea bags of my favorite brand / flavors (I mostly drink Stash)


  • phone charger (obviously)
  • laptop charger (obviously)
  • fitbit charger (just in case I needed it, but I charged before I went since I was just gone for a couple of days)
  • laptop connectors of all kinds (I presented via powerpoint from my mac)

These travel essentials served me so well! What travel essentials would you prioritize?