Right now, I have 20 books checked out from my local library. I’m in a busy creative period right now and that means I’m focused more output than input. Given that, my reading pile is a little bit of a pipe dream and the majority of these books will probably go back unread… but a girl can dream, right?

Here’s the current pile and a little about what made each book strike my fancy:

This is one that I keep hearing about in all kinds of places. I’ve gotten through the first chapter so far and love the writing — it sucks you right in.

I heard of Byron Katie a couple years ago and was intrigued by her argument that everything we think should be interrogated as a lie. This is one of several of her books I’ve been dipping into.

See above.

This is absolutely an attempt to get my running groove back after falling off the wagon when I had the flu back in February.

Berg is an old favorite. Solid fiction and nothing too heavy.

This one’s based on a podcast (Note to Self), so how could I refuse? About 1/3 of the way through and liking it so far.

Recommended by Gretchen Rubin as one of her favorite romances. I’m in.

See above about falling off the running wagon.

Missing person mystery novels are some of my favorites, so I jumped on this one.

Checked out on behalf of my partner who likes all things Star Wars and has been complaining — a lot — about the faulty science in the most recent movie.

Because entrepreneurship is a thing for me right now.

Post-apocalyptic books are my jam.

Another romance recommendation from Rubin.

Listened to one of Backman’s novels last year on audio (Britt-Marie Was Here) and so am looking forward to this. I might actually finish this one because it’s short.

I’ve never been able to keep a regular journal (unless you count my podcasts), but I always love to read about journaling and diaries.

Read about this new mystery in my Shelf Awareness daily email subscription and ordered it immediately.

Another post-apocalyptic novel I couldn’t refuse.

I read everything by Lisa Gardner since she’s one of my favorite mystery authors, so her most recent book was a must grab.

This book is everywhere — especially in airports when I’m traveling — so I added it to my reserve list and it just came in. I’m hoping it lives up to the hype.

Forensic science fascinates me, so this one is right up my alley. I learned about it through a blog post on Book Riot.

I’ll be carving out some time for reading in the coming weeks to see which of these I can finish. Looking at this pile, I can already tell it will be tough to choose where to begin.

To think on:

  • What’s on your to-read pile?
  • What does your to-read pile say about you?