Now that we are in mid-March, and with April on the horizon, I think we can safely say that spring is coming.

With the sunshine staying out longer, I’m thinking about what it means to shift out of the winter season and into spring.

Here are some ways that I’m celebrating this seasonal transition:

  • shifting from meals of warm soups to eating more salads, fresh fruits, and raw veggies
  • on warmer days, opening the windows and airing out the house 
  • reviewing my wardrobe and donating winter clothes that I didn’t wear this past season
  • taking more lunchtime walks to enjoy the fresh air
  • getting a haircut (I do this about once a quarter now that my hair is longer)
  • scheduling some vacation days after a heavy work season
  • going to bed early for a while to make up for the lost hour of “springing forward” (it always takes me a while to adjust to the time change)
  • meditating with guided sessions focused on themes related to seasonal transition

What are some of the ways that you celebrate the transition to a new season?