You may have seen that last fall I launched an online community for academic writers called Prolific. So far, it’s thriving!

Connecting with other writers in this community has been a highlight of 2018 and I know it’s only going to get better in the New Year as more folks join in the fun.

I wanted to offer a quick preview of the virtual events I’ll be facilitating for the Prolific community in 2019. There are typically two events each month in addition to the other posts and engagement within the community. All the events are recorded in case anyone can’t make the live sessions.

Since the community has a 2-week free trial option, folks from outside the community can join to try it out and attend a specific event if it looks interesting (of course, I’d love to have you join us all year as well), so mark your calendar if any of these look good to you.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • January 10: Google Scholar Profile Updates (recording available!)
  • January 25: Prolific Reading Group — The Twelve Week Year by Moran & Lennington
  • February 9: Virtual Writing Sprint
  • February 22: Crafting Compelling Conference Proposals
  • March 15: Backing Up Your Work
  • March 26: Prolific Reading Group — Wired to Create by Kaufman & Gregoire
  • April 8: Tips for Juggling Multiple Projects
  • April 19: Virtual Writing Sprint
  • May 3: Prolific Reading Group — Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
  • May 17: Summer Project Planning Meeting
  • June 8: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
  • June 28: Mid-year Writing Goals Check-in
  • July 6: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
  • July 23: Prolific Reading Group — What Editors Do edited by Peter Ginna
  • August 10: All-day Virtual Writing Retreat
  • August 27: Fall Project Planning Meeting
  • Sept 10: Prolific Reading Group — Still Writing by Dani Shapiro
  • September 27: Self-care for Writers
  • October 10: Writing Book Proposals
  • October 25: Virtual Writing Sprint
  • November 5: Holiday Break Planning
  • November 18: Prolific Reading Group — Finish by Jon Acuff
  • December 13: 2019 Writing Accomplishments Celebration
  • December 30: Planning for 2020 Writing Goals

You can learn more about Prolific at — I hope to see you at a virtual event this year!