In this episode we discuss the different professional identities we take on, how we present ourselves in different professional environments, and how to keep side hustles separate when professional networks overlap. We share the challenges with finding the balance of being both professional and authentic online, and some how-tos for developing a professional website.

Transcript (.docx)

We answer:

  • How do you keep your full time role and part time hustle separate when your networks are often overlapping?
  • How do you build a professional website that expresses your authentic professional presence and covers all the bases of the work you do?

We ask listeners:

  • How do you engage professionally online? What works for you?

Recommended Resources for this Episode:

  • How to be Everything – Emily Wapnick – for people who like to go into multiple directions at once instead of specializing in one thing.
  • – great free graphic design software to create graphics for social media and websites.

Links to things we referenced during the podcast:

  • Meet Edgar Social media
  • Katie’s four part video series on building her own website

Contact us directly! You can find Sara at @DrLangworthy and Katie at @Katie__Linder.

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