In this episode, Sara and Katie talk about active recovery, self-care, and taking time for ourselves. We discuss actively planning recovery into our work lives, knowing the signals that we need to take a break, and employing various wellness strategies. We talk about the side effects of doing really intensive creative work, and how to plan for downtime, and how not to feel guilty about needing time off.

We answer:

  • How do we recover from long, intense periods of work?
  • What’s our beef with the term “self-care”?
  • How does active recovery play a role in our work and lives?
  • How do we build in time (and permission) to recuperate from when we’re depleted?
  • What does wellness mean to us? How do we figure out which wellness strategy is going to best for us at what time?
  • What signals do we recognize that indicate we need a break?

Contact us directly! You can find Sara at @DrLangworthy and Katie at @Katie__Linder.

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