Are you as ready for the Thanksgiving holiday as I am?

Since I started my new job a few months ago, I haven’t taken any time off, so I feel very fortunate to have the Thursday and Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend off as holidays.

As I have in past years, I like to plan a little mini-retreat over the long Thanksgiving weekend to help myself really take advantage of this unscheduled time. I have client meetings on the Saturday and Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend, but Thursday and Friday are completely open with uninterrupted time to do whatever I want.

Oh, the possibilities!

Here are some of the things that I have planned for a mini-Thanksgiving weekend retreat on that Thursday and Friday:

  • Long walks. Each day, I want to start with a nice, long walk. I’m loving my new treadmill, but my morning workout time is usually capped at 40–50 minutes. On these days off, I’d like to go on a long, rambling walk of at least 3–5 miles each day. I also recently installed a small television in my workout space, so watching a holiday movie while I walk will be a perfect way to use that time.
  • Unpacking books. I need some uninterrupted time to get our books unpacked and this is one of my goals that I want to prioritize to get completed in November. I have book cases to build and lots of books to unbox. I’m imagining that this will take at least half a day to complete and I can’t wait.
  • Movie watching. My partner and I have a bit of a tradition of watching movies over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the past, we would watch a few back-to-back in the theater, but this holiday weekend we’ll be at home. I want to watch a couple of movies that we’ve been saving for an afternoon off, so I’m expecting another half day to go to watching Black Widow and Dune.
  • Creating content. I’d like to spend some time getting ahead with content creation. That means drafting some blog posts and recording a couple upcoming podcast episodes and getting all of that edited and scheduled to post. Working ahead on content creation has really helped me use my evenings during the week for downtime and I want to keep up that routine.
  • Reading. As for the rest of the time, I don’t think it will be a surprise that I’d love to get some reading in. I have quite the stack of books on my TBR pile, both for professional reading and personal reading, and it would be great to be able to finish a couple of those over this long weekend.

If you’re in the US, what are you planning to do over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? If you’re outside of the US, what would you do with a couple of days of unscheduled time?