Now that we’re almost to June (and almost halfway through the year!), it’s time to debrief my spring bucket list and see what I was able to accomplish.

As a reminder, here are some of the things I was hoping to do (and what I was able to check off my list):

  1. Made progress on my nonfiction book manuscript. I was hoping to add at least 25k words to my book manuscript over the spring season since my goal for the year is at least 50k words toward this project. I didn’t quite hit this goal, but I am making progress (and honestly just enjoying getting back into writing more).
  2. Tried out an indoor climbing gym. Done! I was able to complete this over my spring break vacation at a local gym.
  3. Set up my hammock again. We had snow in May in Denver, but the end of the month saw 80+ degree days, so the hammock is back!
  4. Dove into reading Cassandra Clare. Over the last few months, I read the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series and they were super fun! I liked the Infernal Devices trilogy the best, but I was glad I had read the first series to better understand the world building.
  5. Jogged a mile (or more). Done! Replacing my running shoes was on my March to-do list and it was fun to get back into jogging toward the end of spring. Although my workouts were a bit disrupted by a flu at the end of April, I was back up and running (pun intended) by early May.
  6. Bought a few spring wardrobe pieces. I went to a couple stores this spring, but I didn’t find anything I absolutely loved so I’ll keep up the hunt into the summer months.
  7. Purchased a spring bouquet of flowers. Done! I grabbed a small bouquet from a local florist and it was nice to have a bit of the spring inside on my dining room table for a bit.

What is one of your favorite memories from this most recent season?