As I mentioned earlier this year, I’m writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate. I thought it might be interesting to share these lists here, and to report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My February list was 28 items long, so I won’t report out the entire thing here, but these are some of the bigger accomplishments:

  • I started my new job! I ended up with over 100 meetings in the month of February to get onboarded to my position, so I have been VERY busy and learning a lot of new things.
  • I completed four more weeks of my strength training and run/walk plan sessions — this was huge for me since it meant that I kept up my morning routine and workout schedule even during a really busy month.
  • I implemented a new digital note-taking and task-management system. Now this wasn’t originally on my list for February, but it was a big part of my month since it meant adjusting a pretty major part of my routine that used to be entirely based on paper and handwritten notes.
  • I kept up with my content release schedule on the blog and podcast, and released season 2 of Coach to Coach and started recording season 7 of Make Your Way.
  • I unpacked the last of our boxes and also received some furniture we ordered, so our house is really starting to feel more like a home.

I also had a couple items that I wasn’t able to complete and that I’ll be moving to next month:

  • update our car registration (we’re still working on this one)
  • install a hot water dispenser in our kitchen (we need someone else’s help with this one and they haven’t been available yet)

Now it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! Since I’ll be traveling a bit this month, I’ll be using the list to make sure that I keep my priorities front of mind.

Here’s my March list broken out into some broad categories:


  • install a hot water dispenser in our kitchen
  • update our car registration
  • complete four more weeks of my strength training and run/walk plan sessions
  • bulk prep my work lunches each week
  • read at least a couple of novels for fun
  • get a manicure and haircut
  • go to my first Kansas doctor appointment once my new health insurance kicks in
  • go to my first Kansas dentist appointment once my new health insurance kicks in
  • have Friday date nights with my partner


  • travel to Boston for the UPCEA conference
  • travel to Washington D.C. for a POD board meeting
  • continue to attend dozens of meetings this month to meet with different stakeholders across campus
  • develop a documentation system for the collaborative projects I’m working on with various team members
  • continue to develop my use of Notion as a knowledge, project, and task management system
  • create task and note dashboards in Notion for each of my staff members and some of the colleagues that I meet with regularly
  • build in time for processing information each day/week


  • draft four newsletter/blog posts & record and prep four podcast episodes
  • travel to Utah for a speaking engagement
  • continue to release season 2 of the Coach to Coach podcast & edit and prepare the final episode of season 2 for release
  • pre-record and prep some March podcast episodes because of a busy travel schedule 
  • prep four sessions of coach training and document my facilitator notes
  • launch the spring 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust group coaching program (learn more here if you want to join in!)
  • prep March Instagram posts and captions and add them to my scheduling platform
  • continue recording episodes for season 3 of the Coach to Coach podcast and for season 7 of the Make Your Way podcast
  • email my coaching clients that have remaining sessions to remind them to sign up if they are ready

I’ve got a full list this month! What’s on your plate for the month of March?