This year, I’m trying something a little different with my powersheets. Since the planner has some blank pages throughout, I’m going to be writing monthly to-do lists to help me keep track of what’s on my plate.

I tried this strategy last month as I was sprinting toward the finish line at my OSU job, preparing for my K-State start, and getting ready to move from Oregon to Kansas.

I thought it might be interesting to share these lists here, and to report back each month on what I was able to accomplish.

My December list was 41 items long, so I won’t report out the entire thing here, but these are some of the bigger accomplishments:

  • I got a LOT of 2020 planning done, including setting dates for all of my side business programs, drafting and scheduling several months of social media posts, pre-recording podcasts and more.
  • I transitioned my online community Prolific to be more broadly focused on meaningful productivity — this involved a lot of revision to the current platform and I’m glad it’s all done!
  • I made serious headway on my coach training guide by designing over 200 pages into ebook form and adding over 6,000 words (and counting) — the end is in sight for this writing project!
  • I made some updates to my website, including a new footer on many of the pages and some wait list forms for my more popular programs.

I’m still wrapping up a few tasks before the New Year begins, but it’s time to plan for a new month of to-do items! Here’s my January list broken out into some broad categories:


  • move to Manhattan, KS (kind of a big one!)
  • unpack & store all boxes
  • get my new library card
  • get my new driver’s license and update our car registration
  • try at least three different classes at the yoga/barre/spin studio by my new office
  • set up my treadmill
  • book monthly massages / manicures for the next six months
  • sign up for the 2020 Goodreads challenge


  • complete all OSU closeout paperwork and tasks (Jan. 6 is my last day in the office and it’s coming up soon!)
  • integrate my K-State and Google calendars and add K-State calendar to my phone
  • complete my K-State hiring paperwork before Jan. 15
  • update my LinkedIn profile
  • set up my K-State retirement plan (requires paperwork from OSU)
  • deliver my work boxes and mini-fridge to K-State office and get unpacked


  • set up my new home office and get my podcasting equipment up and running
  • finish final editing and formatting for my coach training manual
  • send out onboarding materials for January program launches
  • launch my winter virtual writing group (there are a few slots still left!)
  • launch the Slow Hustle business mastermind (2 slots left in this program!)
  • launch the first course in my coach training program (a couple slots left here, too!)
  • invoice all my 2020 clients (invoicing has been put on pause because of moving our business from one state to another)
  • update my speaking bio and the about page on my website with new job information
  • update my timezone in my Acuity scheduling system
  • email my coaching clients that have remaining sessions to remind them to sign up if they are ready
  • add wait list buttons to my website as 2020 programs close enrollment
  • finish editing season 2 of the Coach to Coach podcast
  • acquire new PO Box and share address on the podcast

I’ve got a full list this month! What’s on your plate for the month of January?