Now that we’re nine months into living in our new house, I’m starting to see house projects stack up. 

In part, this is due to a busy schedule at work. It can be hard to find energy for house projects on the weekends when I have a lot of energy going to other projects during the week.

However, the build up of these projects is starting to feel overwhelming. I thought I would post them here to help hold myself accountable to crossing these items off my project list. 

Here’s what I’d like to make progress on by the end of the summer:

  1. Buy two more bookshelves and unpack more books. My in-laws recently sent along some books that they had in storage from my partner’s childhood book collection, so now we are awash in book boxes again. I need to purchase a couple bookshelves and unpack more boxes of books.
  2. Purchase a couple of tables for different areas of our house. We need to get a table that can sit behind the couch and hold our speakers for our downstairs television area. We also have a little alcove in our entryway that would benefit from a table to hold mail and other small items. I’d like to see if I can find tables that fit these spaces.
  3. Order a mattress for our guest bedroom. I recently decided to switch our guestroom with my office, but we haven’t gotten the guestroom finalized. I’m going to commit to purchasing a mattress for the bed frame so that I can get the process started for finishing that room.
  4. Finish a few more details for our kitchen renovation. We are still waiting on a replacement cabinet door, some shelves, and a dishwasher to wrap up our kitchen renovation. We also need to install some lighting underneath our cabinets. Some of these things are back-ordered because of the pandemic, but I’m hopeful we can get this finished in the next several months.
  5. Switch out two ceiling fans. We updated all the ceiling fans in the upstairs of our house, but we need to replace two more on the main level of our house. We’ve purchased the fans, but need an electrician to help us install them.
  6. Install new bathroom mirrors. When we renovated our bathrooms, we purchased new mirrors but have yet to install them. I’d like to get these all hung and the old mirrors picked up for donation.
  7. Make a plan for our landscaping. I think we might be done with the possibility of snow now that it’s almost May, so I’d like to figure out what we want to do with our yard. We have a front yard and side yards that will need some attention in the coming months.
  8. Replace light fixtures. We have light fixtures that need to be replaced in our bathrooms, entryway, dining room, and over our kitchen island. We haven’t chosen what we want to install yet, so we need to pick the fixtures and then hire an electrician to help us install them.
  9. Patch holes and paint. I took down the curtains and rods that were hung in my gym area and I need to patch the holes in the wall and touch up the paint in that room. I’d also like to use a magic eraser to clean off some scuffs on different walls in our house.
  10. Paint our living room ceiling. During our bathroom renovations, we sprung a leak that caused the need for some damage repair for our living room ceiling. We need to have the ceiling repainted so that it matches the rest of the paint in that area of our house.

Do you have any house projects that you need to cross off your list?