[Just a quick note that we made it safely to Kansas and are starting to settle into our new house. More on that soon, but for now you can follow along in my Instagram Stories to see move updates and a tour of our new house!]

I think I’m going to stay in 2020 planning mode for as long as possible — maybe through the end of quarter one — so I loved running across these questions for setting creative resolutions for the New Year.

I thought I would share my responses and I encourage you to pose these questions to yourself so that you can see where creativity might show up for you this year:

1. This year, my creative priorities are: Since I’m not actively working on a book project, my creative priorities have a lot to do with systems for my business. I’m currently playing with Notion as a project tracking/client management software (I’ll share more later if I find it to be useful) and working on facilitation guides for my group coaching and coach training programs. I imagine a lot of my creative energy is also going to go into my new job, but I’m not sure what that will look like yet.

2. In the new year, I am most looking forward to: Digging into my new job, exploring what it means to live out my values in a new setting, and working with a bunch of coaching clients.

3. In 2020, this is how I will make time for rest and reflection: Rest and reflection are huge priorities for me now, so I’m making time for this through journaling daily with morning pages, planning quarterly creative retreats, booking monthly massages, and reading books for fun.

4. I choose to leave this behind in 2019: Transitioning to a new job right at the start of the calendar year definitely means leaving the old job behind, so that’s an easy one. I’m also looking forward to more intentionally transitioning to a coaching mindset (versus an expert mindset) in my new job.

5. I will make creativity part of my day by setting up these routines for myself: Daily morning pages, regular workouts that will give me time to think & listen to podcasts, weekly blogging and podcasting, and reading for fun.

6. This is one idea/project that has been haunting me and won’t let go: I have a couple of these on my mind right now: (1) better coaching client management through improved onboarding and session note taking (I’m working on creating infrastructure for this with Notion right now) and (2) how best to use Instagram to engage my audience with the grid in a way that better represents my business brand (I mostly use the stories feature right now).

7. I will make it happen this year by: (1) Actively learning how to use Notion through watching YouTube videos, taking a Notion course, testing templates with current coaching clients, and playing with my set-up regularly enough to tweak it to the point where I’m happy. (2) Taking a few hours one weekend to design my grid for the upcoming month so that I can just get started and then build on it over the year (and/or hiring someone to help me with this).

8. My best skills are: Visioning, planning, organization, and follow-through.

9. I will do more of this in order to foster them: Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning using my Powersheets tool.

10. My biggest creative inspiration is this person/place/thing: Basically anyone who is sharing process about how they are making progress on big projects. 

11. And this is why: I love seeing the behind the scenes of how people tackle big goals.

12. I would love to collaborate/work with: Sara Langworthy on building up my video/YouTuber skills in 2020. We already have a plan in place for this and I’m so excited!

13. My one-word theme for the year ahead is: Deeply rooted. In a time of transition, I want to stay rooted in my values and centered on what really matters to me.

What creative resolutions are you drawn to this year?