It’s been a bit of a rough week, hasn’t it?

Actually, all of October has been pretty rough.

I thought it might be useful to offer a little levity this week. I’m going to take a breather from my usual content and offer a few random facts that might offer you a smile. Hopefully, this post also gives you the opportunity to take a bit of a breather as well.

(To ensure complete honesty, and to provide variety, I’ve roped my partner of 14 years, Ben, into helping me generate some of the following items.)

  1. I have 49 tabs open in two browsers on my computer right now.
  2. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus.
  3. I’m horrible at geography and can’t tell you the location of most countries.
  4. I’m currently more than a little obsessed with Daiya vegan cheddar cheese.
  5. I haven’t vacuumed the upstairs of my house for several weeks.
  6. Last weekend, I tried to install some hooks in my laundry room and drilled a screw partly in the wall where it is now completely stuck and won’t go out or in. I covered it with a hanging jacket. Ben had to buy a special drill bit to remove the screw from the wall. It’s still stuck there.
  7. I have a phobia of spiders and can’t be in the same room when Ben is catching and killing one.
  8. I currently manage over ten websites for various projects.
  9. We never hand out Halloween candy. On Halloween night, Ben and I go hide in a Starbucks so we don’t have to interact with neighborhood children. We have done this for most of the years we have been together.
  10. I’m a dog person, but I’ve trained myself not to pet them since Ben’s allergic and I can’t track pet dander into our house.
  11. I started undergrad as a religion major.
  12. I started grad school planning to study French feminist literary theorists like Julia Kristeva.
  13. Every week, I check out books from the local library that I know I won’t have time to read. I feel vaguely guilty that I’m keeping them from other people who might actually read them, but not guilty enough not to do it.
  14. Two years ago, I tried and failed to write a romance novel.
  15. My super power is making frozen banana soft serve ice cream.

If you’ve got a minute, feel free to tell me some of your random facts in response. I’d love a smile or two.