As part of my work with K-State Global Campus, I’ve been deep in the weeds of how to prepare our campus for an increase in remote teaching. Like many other institutions, it was announced this week that we’re headed in that direction and will need to practice social distancing through a suspension of in-class meetings.

As I’ve engaged in conversations on various listservs, Twitter, and other spaces, it’s clear that we’re all flailing a little bit. 

That why I, along with several of my colleagues at Global Campus, created a free online community called Keep Teaching: Resources in Higher Ed.

There’s no question that when we most need resources on academic continuity, we are often stressed and overwhelmed by our present situations. The goal of this community it to lighten the load as much as possible by providing a supportive community and helpful resources that can be immediately implemented or shared with others at your institution.

As of writing this, there are 578 people in the community supporting one another, sharing ideas, and trading practical strategies.

We’re aiming to make the experience in this community a valuable one. Here are five key things that we hope you’ll take away from Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed:

  • Conversations that will help you to feel supported in times of stress or strain.
  • Stronger relationships with colleagues who share your passion for helping students learn.
  • Information to make better, more well-informed decisions about what academic continuity looks like on your campus.
  • A space to swap stories, experiences, ideas and resources around our shared mission to maintain our educational services in times of disruption.
  • Creative solutions, inspiration, and expert perspectives that you can bring back to your own institution as you work on academic continuity initiatives and resources for your campus.

I hope you’ll join us. We value each and every contribution and this is the best way that I know to support people at scale in a time that’s very stressful.

Also, please share this community! The more we gather together, the easier it will be for us to find all the great resources that we can share with our home institutions. 

Become a member of the community by clicking here.

I’m sending well wishes to each of you as we all deal with this situation in our own way. Please let me know if I can offer any other forms of support.