I cannot believe that it’s already time to check in on my annual goals to see what I was able to accomplish.

Unlike my previous check-in posts, this end-of-the-year post is final. It will outline my accomplishments, but also if I fell short on any goals.

So, here’s a review of the goals that I set back in January. If you remember, each goal was aligned with one of five vision statements.

I’ve copied my goals below and added my progress next to each in italics.

Vision Statement # 1: I am a writer, therefore I write.

  • Draft book # 4 (with co-authors): Done! The draft was completed in July and sent out for review shortly thereafter. We edited the book based on reviewer feedback and sent it back to the publisher this month.
  • Complete final production steps for book # 3 and two edited collections: Mostly done! Final production steps are completed for book # 3 and one of the edited collections. The second edited collection is now edited and in production!
  • Secure contract for book # 5 (proposal submitted Dec 2017): I decided to pull out of this book project for now. You can learn more about this decision in this podcast episode.
  • Draft book # 5 (with co-author): See above. I pulled out of this project so that I could put my energy elsewhere.
  • Market book # 3 when released: Done! I marketing the book through a supplemental website, as well as through this year’s how to: academia webinar series on professional identity. I’m hoping to launch some additional marketing in early 2019 as well.
  • Market two edited collections when released: This happened this fall for editing collection # 1. We launched a book website and a podcast mini-series to celebrate the book’s release. Book promotion for the second edited collection has been moved to 2019 since that’s when the book will be available.
  • Market new book series when launched (I serve as series editor): Since the release for the first two books in the series was a little delayed, this was moved to early 2019.
  • Gather ideas for book # 6 (now potentially book # 5) proposal: I’ve been continuing to dabble with this and even created a draft book outline that I’ve been toying with. I definitely consider this a fun passion project for now.
  • Continue to write weekly essays for my email newsletter (also posted on The Academic Creative blog): Done! I’ve written essays every week so far this year, so this was a success!

Vision Statement # 2: I am an academic creative who serves other academics who want to create things.

  • Record additional seasons of the AcademiGig podcast and additional weekly episodes for You’ve Got This, Research in Action & The Anatomy of a Book podcasts: Done! I have released weekly episodes for the remaining podcasts each week this year and in July I completed a podcast rebrand (check it out at https://katielinder.work/podcasts). When the third season of AcademiGig launched, it also included a rebrand. The show is now called Make Your Way and was added into my new Radical Self-Trust Podcast Channel! I consider this goal complete!
  • Transition ht:a webinar content from 2017 into mini-courses to release in 2018: Done! The courses feature of ht:a launched with all the nine courses as well as a master course which include all content from the first year of the series.
  • Complete ht:a webinar series year one: Done!
  • Launch ht:a webinar series year two: Done! You can learn more at https://howtoacademia.com — the year two topics are going great!
  • Build the companion website for book # 3: Done! I finished this just in time for the book’s release in late September. Check it out at https://mypiobook.com.
  • Build the companion website for new book series: I’ve purchased a domain name and started building this website. Since the release date for the series was shifted to early 2019, I’ve back-burnered this project for the moment.
  • Design and create content for a second online course (topic TBD): Done! SoTL by Design was launched on June 1!
  • Be a supportive presence for my co-authors and for the authors writing for the series I’m editing: I hope so! I’m continuing to work on it!

Vision Statement # 3: I am an entrepreneur who does business on my own terms.

  • Quit Facebook: Done!
  • Surpass the 2017 revenue for my side business: Done! I surpassed last year’s revenue by almost 50%.
  • Have in-person speaking engagements represent less than 50% of 2018 revenue: Done! Speaking revenue was about 30% of my 2019 revenue.
  • Launch new virtual summer writing groups program: Done! These launched and they were so fun that I continued the program into the fall and winter. You can learn more here if you’re interested in future groups.
  • Create a marketing strategy for webinar and speaking offerings: I’m planning to overhaul my speaking a bit in 2019, so stay tuned!
  • Launch revised marketing for website design offerings: Part of the way through the year, I decided to stop offering this as a service since I was so full with other offerings. Then, I missed it so much that I brought it back!
  • Increase number of website design clients from 2017: See note above. I pulled back on this service this year, but will be increasing it again in 2019.
  • Continue to engage and form community on social media and online platforms of my choice (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Mighty Networks): Done! I’ve seen some nice growth in Twitter followers so far this year and have also made some really fun connections on Instagram. I also launched a new online community called Prolific that’s been an amazing project.

Vision Statement # 4: I am a coach who serves academics and higher education professionals looking to design their ideal lives.

  • Complete first phase of coaching training: Done! This phase is complete!
  • Apply for and complete second phase of coaching training: Done! I completed this training earlier this month and am officially done with my training requirements for certification.
  • Log 100 hours of coaching: Done! I logged over 150 coaching hours this year.
  • Apply for coaching certification through ICF: Done! I took my final exam in December!
  • Launch revised marketing for my coaching offerings: Done! I updated the PDF that I share with potential clients and I also made some updates to my website to better align with my radical self-trust framework. You can learn more about my coaching practice at https://katielinder.work/coaching.
  • Increase number of coaching clients from 2017: Done! I’ve had a lot of inquiries this year, and I’ve loved working with every single new client.

Vision Statement # 5: I am committed to my physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Continue working with personal trainer on building back and core strength: Although I loved working with my trainer, I took a break from weekly sessions while I completed the second part of my coaching training since both of these meetings take place in the evenings and I didn’t want multiple busy evenings a week. I’ve been using Aaptiv to fulfill this need for now.
  • Daily workouts (even if short): Working on this. I got disrupted a couple times this year with illness, but I’m working on getting back to my consistent morning walks. In the fall, I completed a Run/Walk Challenge that I talked about in this podcast episode.
  • Schedule regular solitude (at least one day per month): Done! I’ve been making this a priority and it has been an incredible addition to my year. My introverted self thanks me for each of these moments of solitude.
  • Average 10k steps per day and 7.5+ hours of sleep per night each week: The sleep is happening, but the steps are always a work in progress. Morning walks definitely help when I can fit them in.
  • Minimum 64 oz of water and eat a salad or drink a green smoothie daily: Water consumption went well and I was definitely attentive to eating more veggies throughout the year, although not always in the form of a salad or smoothie. I quit eating sugar in July, so that was an interesting shift in my diet.
  • Read something for pleasure at least once per month: Done! I’m totally back to reading novels and I’m loving it. So far this year I’ve read 62 novels and 23 non-fiction books (come find me on Goodreads to see what I’m currently reading).

This list represents some serious accomplishments for 2018. I’m very proud of what I’ve already been able to cross off my list, but I’m even happier about how aligned my goals have been with my vision for the future.

Interested in my 2019 goals and intentions? Stay tuned for next week!

To think on:

  • What is your annual goal progress for the year?
  • How are you starting to prepare for 2019?

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