I love to see the “currently” posts on social media. These are posts where people share what they are currently reading, listening to, watching, eating, etc.

I thought I might offer my own snapshot this week as a way of documenting my current pandemic days:

Currently reading: A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield (a required book for my yoga training); A Light in the Window by Jan Karon (such a charming series filled with simple problems and kind solutions); Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi (an additional yoga book I’ve been wanting to dive into).

Currently eating: Lots of salads and tofu scrambles. I’ve been making a salad dressing with herbs, tahini, and taco sauce (for some heat), and I basically want to smother any kind of vegetable in it.

Currently watching: Yoga videos on YouTube and Chef’s Table on Netflix.

Currently listening to: Melissa Urban’s Do The Thing podcast since I know others who have enjoyed it.

Currently looking forward to: A busy season of coaching! I’ll launch three coach training courses in September and October, offer 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust starting in November and December, and I have a bunch of private coaching clients I’m meeting with on nights and weekends.

Currently enjoying: Sleeping with an eye mask. I grabbed one on Amazon since I felt like the lighter evenings were keeping me awake and it’s done the trick. I’m sleeping longer and more deeply (even if I feel a bit high maintenance now…).

Currently starting: To set up a more permanent office space for my day-job work. I have an office for my business (that I want to keep separate for tax purposes), but I just got a new desk that I can use for working each day and I’m making some decisions about where it will go.

Currently finishing: Lots of summer projects. I’m finishing a course on somatic coaching, wrapping up my writing group, and winding down a coaching course this month.

Currently thinking about: What the new school year will bring. Our students start classes next week and I know we’re all wondering what will happen with our local infection rates. I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic about what this new season will hold.

Currently practicing: Pranayama. This is a kind of breathing exercise that’s part of yoga and I’ve been trying out alternate nostril breathing as a way to wind down at the end of the day.

Currently loving: My partner. He’s so good at tackling our grocery orders each week, making sure our internet is constantly functioning, listening to all my ideas, supplying infinite patience when I need to debrief something hard, and sharing the best stories he’s reading in the news that he thinks I’ll find interesting.

Currently curious about: Where I’ll be in five years. Although the world is so weird right now, it also seems full of possibilities. I’m so curious about what the future will hold and what life will look like in 2025.

What are your currently responses?