I’m not sure what it is about this fall, but I am leaning in to the season. 

There’s something about the crisp weather that makes me want to engage in all the cozy things that I can.

Here are some of the cozy strategies that are helping me enjoy this fall season:

  • A book of autumn poems: I recently stumbled upon this book of autumn-themed poems that has been a delight. I bought a paperback copy and have been enjoying reading the poems chosen for each day of the season. There are two poems per day, so it’s perfect to read in the morning and the evening.
  • Pumpkin-flavored things: This started with my usual seasonal tea order (Stash’s pumpkin tea is a favorite), but recently I also found some vegan, gluten-free mini-cupcakes at Whole Foods that were pumpkin flavored and those were a great addition to my seasonal dessert rotation.
  • Spooky books: For the month of October, I chose a bunch of spooky books to read and they have been so fun to dive into as the days get darker and colder. (You can check out my list of spooky October books in this YouTube video.)
  • Seasonal candles: Ah, candles. They are such a warm addition to my living room, especially in the early mornings and later evenings when I’m reading by lamplight. Favorite smells for fall include vanilla and sage, but there are so many great aromas to choose from that fit with the season.
  • Soups: I have been on a soup kick for months now (they are just so easy to bulk prepare for the week!), but my soups have special resonance in the fall. I make a tomato-based soup (just add some tomato paste as a thickener) with a bunch of veggies and beans and it turns out perfect every time.
  • Leaf peeping: I know a lot of people that drive for hours to see the leaves change each year, but I’m lucky that I get to see this on my commute drive each morning, which follows a neighborhood through-street that is lined with leafy trees.
  • Walking outside: I do love my treadmill for very chilly days, but the weather here in Denver is still pretty mild and it’s been nice to get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy the sun. I try to take at least one walk a day while I’m at work (either through a walking meeting or a lunchtime stroll) and I’m hoping to be able to keep it up until we start to see snow and ice.

What strategies are helping you enjoy the current season?