Ever since I started talking about my taxonomy of radical self-trust last summer, I’ve had a LOT of positive feedback. People seemed to really connect with the concept and I had a lot of folks inquire about whether I might create a course or other offering on the topic.

Well, it’s here!

On January 8 I launched the registration for 7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust, a group coaching program that will run February 3-March 24 (skipping the week of March 17).

Here are the details:

7 Weeks to Radical Self-Trust is a group coaching program that will help you to develop a consistent practice of purposeful actions rooted in your capacity for steadfast self-awareness and self-loyalty.

Through the program, you’ll develop self-knowledge and skills that will lead to:

  • an alignment of values with actions
  • clarity of direction and/or peace with decision making
  • increased self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • magnetism
  • energized focus
  • meaningful productivity

Each week will focus on a different aspect of cultivating self-trust:

  • Week 1: Understanding The Cycle of Self-distrust
  • Week 2: Seeking self-knowledge
  • Week 3: Living your core values with intention
  • Week 4: Nurturing your superpowers
  • Week 5: Practicing loving kindness with yourself and others
  • Week 6: Playfully experimenting
  • Week 7: Settling into your life’s purpose

And each registration includes the following program elements:

  • Weekly group coaching calls (via Zoom) to discuss each week’s topic (with recordings made available after each session)
  • Weekly “self work” assignments to deepen self-understanding and allow for personalization of each week’s topic
  • A 75-page PDF workbook of activities to record thoughts, ideas, and growth throughout the program
  • A list of examples of people who are practicing radical self-trust
  • A selection of optional additional resources including readings, podcast episodes, blog posts, and other materials to help you further reflect on how best to conceptualize radical self-trust in your own life

The program costs $497 and I’m offering a special early-bird registration deal. If you register before January 23, I’m offering a free 60-minute coaching session with me on a topic of your choice.

Learn more about the program and register here: https://katielinder.work/rst

I hope to see you there!