Recently, I read a blog post about different reading apps.

While I was familiar with most of the apps mentioned — and use quite a few of them regularly — there was one that was new to me:

The Serial Reader app. I immediately had to check it out. 

This app breaks up classic literature into bite-sized pieces so that you can read a little each day.

I love this idea!

Often, I find it difficult to fit classic books into my reading schedule since they take longer for me to read and because I like to pay more focused attention to the language so that I really understand what is going on in the plot. 

This app makes it easy to incorporate classic literature into my reading schedule in smaller, more manageable chunks.

I’ve started with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, a book that I’ve long wanted to read, but have just never gotten around to.

The app is free, but I did invest the $1.99 to get access to couple extra features like changing the font and being able to read ahead of that day’s chunk of reading if I found myself with a little extra time. I also love the idea of supporting a developer who is creating this kind of reading resource.

What’s a favorite app that you’ve been loving lately?