Similar to previous years, in 2023 I drafted a shorthand list of my goals that I can refer to throughout the year. Totaling 23 goals for 2023, I left four slots empty for goals that I plan to add during each quarter of the year.

Now that we’re at the end of the year, it’s time for a final check in on my goals to see what I was able to accomplish.

Here are my 23 goals for 2023 and the progress I was able to make:

Reading Goals (You can see me chat about all of my reading-related goals in this video).

Goals that support my wellness & health

  • Practice intuitive exercise. I got into more of a groove toward the end of Q1 with exercising and I’ve been able to keep it up. I’m mostly walking, biking, and doing yoga. I set a summer goal of 6k minutes on the Peloton app, which I was able to accomplish. Although I didn’t get to the annual goal of 20k minutes on the Peloton app, I’m really happy with how I expanded my movement practices this year.
  • Take at least a week of vacation off from work. Done! I took a week off in late March and it was so wonderful. You can hear me debrief this retreat period in this podcast episode. I also took another two weeks off in late June/early July and I loved that extra time away from the office.
  • Get a massage. Done! I completed this in late September and it was just as wonderful as I thought it would be.

Professional and Personal Development

  • Listen to at least five podcast episodes each month. Done! I really appreciated having this goal to motivate me to get back into podcast listening by trying out some new shows and catching up on old favorites.
  • Celebrate turning 40 in a way that’s meaningful to me. Done! As I talked about in this podcast episode, I wrapped up earning an MS in Organizational Leadership in December of this year.
  • Journal through all the questions in Debbie Millman’s The Remarkable Life Deck (“a ten-year plan for achieving your dreams”). I started this journaling project in Q2 by responding to six of the different questions in the deck. I wrapped up most of the remaining questions in Q4 of the year. This was a really fun exercise and I noticed some new patterns in my reflections that have given me some things to think about.


  • Pay off 20% of our current mortgage balance. Done! I got a little impatient in September and decided to just pay the rest of this out of some savings. It felt great to check this off my list and I feel really proud of staying accountable to this multi-year financial goal.
  • Watch the entire Dawson’s Creek television series. I made it through Season 4, but then stalled before finishing the last couple of seasons. I’ll add the remaining seasons to my must-watch list in 2024.
  • Watch all the X-Men movies. This is done! I was able to wrap up the remaining movies in Q4.
  • Listen to every Taylor Swift song in album order. Done! I admit that I skipped the Taylor’s Version albums to meet this goal, but I can look forward to listening to those in the future.


  • Apply for and receive approval for Level 1 coach training accreditation with ICF (Q1). My first goal that I added for Q1 was related to a new accreditation for my coach training program. I’m currently a Level 2 program, but would also like to be accredited as a Level 1 program since it will help my coach training participants. I got this application completed and submitted in Q1 and then learned of it’s approval in Q2!
  • Transition into new job responsibilities (Q2). As I mentioned on this podcast episode, in Q2 I was asked to take on some new responsibilities at work, which meant inheriting a new team and adjusting my title. This was not a change that I had expected when I set my annual goals for the year, so it’s a perfect example of why I leave some of these goal spots open to fill in each quarter!
  • Officially pay off one-third of our total mortgage (Q3). Over the past two years since we moved to Denver and purchased our home here, my partner and I have been making pretty aggressive extra payments toward our mortgage principle. We just paid off one-third of the total amount, which equates to slightly more than ten years of fewer payments on our thirty year loan. As you can imagine, this also saves us a lot in interest over time. I’m proud of our progress on this financial goal and looking forward to seeing how quickly we can pay off the total!
  • Turn in the revisions for my book project (Q4). The second edition of The Blended Course Design Workbook was due in November and it felt so satisfying to get it turned in.

What are you most proud of from your 2023 goals?